Baldur’s Gate 3 Carrion’s Servant Quest: Trumbo’s Location & Carrion’s Heart Jar in BG3

Here’s how to find The Carrion’s Servant and the Mystic Carrion’s Heart Jar on a wild quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 story unfolds in three acts, and the last of them is set entirely in the city that gives the trilogy its name – Baldur’s Gate. The city map is massive, and each locked door hides a secret waiting to be uncovered.

For example, if you unexpectedly wander into Philgrave’s mansion, a sophisticated skeleton named Mystic Carrion presents an offer: Find his missing zombie servant, Thrumbo, and bring its corpse back to him. The promise of a necromancer ring is enough to have us scour every corner of Baldur’s Gate 3 to find the guy.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Find Thrumbo’s Location in BG3

Mystic Carrion Servant Location BG3
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Thrumbo, Mystic Carrion’s Servant, is hidden inside a closet in a beach house to Philgrave’s mansion’s east. To find Thrumbo, follow these steps:

  1. Exit Mystic Carrion’s mansion.
  2. Head northeast past the pier and descend using the Knotted Roots.
  3. Enter the house on the beach and look for a big wardrobe on the entrance’s right.
  4. Open the wardrobe on the right, and Thrumbo will come out.

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Thrumbo reveals that the Mystic Carrion is — shocker — a bad guy. At this point, there’s a choice to kill Thrumbo to get the ring or embark on a jar of hearts collecting quest to kill the Mystic Carrion and free Thrumbo.

Carrion’s Servant: Where is the Mystic Carrion’s Heart Jar Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Though the Heart Jar is the only must-destroy organ to complete the Carrion’s Servant in Baldur’s Gate 3, destroying other organs weakens the Mystic Carrion. Here are all Mystic Carrion Jar locations to destroy:

Mystic Carrion’s Lungs JarMystic Carrion Servant All Jars BG3Lower City‘s Mortuary1. Head to the Graveyard’s Mortuary entrance.
2. Lockpick the hatch while the guards aren’t looking to enter. 
3. Enter the Mortuary and open the door to the right.
4. Use a ranged weapon to damage the Mystic Carrion’s Lungs Jar.
Mystic Carrion’s Brain JarMystic Carrion Jar LocationUndercity’s Ancient Lair1. Head to the Undercity waypoint in the Sewers.
2. Walk forward and enter the Passageway.
3. Refrain from looting any of the chests; they’re traps. Instead, head to the right and lockpick the Stone Wall to access a secret room.
4. Shoot the Mystic Carrion’s Brain Jar with ranged damage.
Mystic Carrion’s Liver JarMystic Carrion Jar LocationUndercity’s Ancient Lair1. Lockpick the Gilded Chest best behind the dead body. 
2. Pick up Mystic Carrion’s Liver.
3. Throw it somewhere far in the room, and deal ranged damage.
Mystic Carrion’s Heart JarMystic Carrion Servant Book Clue BG3Lower City’s Beach House1. Read the book on the room’s north end inside the Ancient Lair.
2. This room reveals that the Mystic Carrion’s Heart is inside Thrumbo.
3. Head back to Thrumbo’s beach house in the Lower City.
4. Reveal the news to Thrumbo, causing him to regurgitate the Heart Jar.
5. Pick up the Heart Jar and throw it somewhere safe, then make it go bang.

The final step for this quest is to head back to Philgrave’s mansion and defeat the Mystic Carrion. This sack of bones packs a mean punch in battle, which really makes me wonder how tough he would be hadn’t I destroyed all his organs beforehand.

As a reward, Thrumbo will gift you the Crypt Lord Ring, which grants the level 6 Necromancy spell Create Undead.