Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Lift The Shadow Curse in BG3

Here’s how to get rid of the Shadow Curse in Baldur’s Gate 3 to travel around these dark lands in peace.

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The moment you step into the Shadow Cursed Lands, your party falls under the harmful effects of the Shadow Curse. This ailment relentlessly drains party members’ health at every turn, making navigating through the dark area daunting. While turn-based mode seems sluggish, switching to real-time mode incapacitates your entire party. This guide shows all alternatives to curing Shadow Curse in BG3.

3 Ways to Cure Shadow Curse in Baldur’s Gate 3

AppearanceTime to UseMethodDescription
Early Act 2Burning LightThe first few moments of stepping into the Shadow Cursed Lands are harsh. The only way to fight the Shadow Curse is to equip torches or weapons inflicted with light. If none of these items are available, look for ignitable Braziers in the environment.
After the Last Light Inn questsBlessing of the SeluneIf Isobel is saved during Marcus’ attack, she will bestow the Blessing of Selune, which grants a radiance that kicks away the shadows’ butt. While this remedy proves effective in most Shadow Cursed Lands locations, it falls short in highly dark places like the concealed Last Light Basement, where the Shadow Curse persists.
After defeating Kar’nissMoonlanternLooting Kar’niss’s gross spidery body will grant the Moonlantern an item capable of keeping the curse in the Shadow Cursed Lands away. With this lamp equipped, every corner of this area will be safe — as far as curses go.

Should You Let Pixie Go or Keep the Kar’niss Moonlantern in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Free Pixie Trapped in Moonlantern BG3
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Turns out, this magic Shadow Curse-resistant lantern is powered by a poor Pixie that’s trapped inside. Though the Pixie is quite moody and deceitful, keeping her suffering for our own benefit doesn’t feel fair. Still, this lantern is handy; is it worth caring for this tiny creature?

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Freeing Baldur’s Gate 3’s Moonlatern Pixie will earn Astarion and Lae’zel’s disapproval. Still, when shaken, the Pixie will gift a Filigreed Feywild Bell, which grants Shadow Curse protection. The best part is this item does not get consumed upon usage, which means it can be kept forever.

Essentially, there’s no other reason to keep this Pixie caged inside the Moonlantern. Unless you feel like pestering her, that is.

How To Permantently Lift the Shadow Curse from the Shadow-Cursed Lands?

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  1. To make the Shadow-Cursed lands sunny again and permanently lift the curse, follow these steps:
  2. Look for Art Cullagh in the Last Light Inn to wake him up. He’s badly injured won’t wake up until you play a particular tune for him.
  3. Once he’s awake, he’ll ask that you speak with Halsin at the camp to retrieve a Thaniel and restore the Shadow-Cursed lands to their former glory.
  4. Defend Halsin’s portal as he looks for Thaniel. If the portal is destroyed, Halsin will die and Thaniel will never be retrieved from the Shadowfell.
  5. Look for Thaniel’s shadow in the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Beat him in battle, and ask him to become one with Thaniel.
  6. Save Aylin, The Nightsong, in the Gauntlet of Shar and convince Shadowheart to let her go.
  7. Defeat Ketheric Thorm near the end of Act 2.

After completing all these tasks during all of Act 2, leave for Baldur’s Gate and, as Act 3 begins, the Shadow Curse will be lifted.