Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Open the Sinister Doors at Cazador’s Place in BG3

Find out how to open the Sinister Doors to stop Cazador’s Ritual in Baldur’s Gate 3, and where to find the Szarr Family Ring and Kozakuran Dictionary.

Sinister Doors Puzzle BG3

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Despite remaining in the shadows for most of the game, Cazador has become a prominent figure in Baldur’s Gate 3. His castle emits a chilling and ominous vibe even before setting foot inside. Within its walls, Astarion discovers not only some of his vampiric kin but also concealed personas, arcane ceremonies, and enchanted entrances. The Sinister Doors on the castle’s second door must be opened to thwart Cazador’s ritual. These colossal metal gates are impossible to destroy or lockpick, making this task quite a puzzle.

How to Solve Cazador’s Palace Sinister Doors Puzzle in BG3

Open Sinister Doors BG3
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To open the Sinister Door and solve this puzzle, two items are required: the Szarr Family Ring and the Kozakuran Dictionary. Luckily, they’re both inside Cazador‘s puzzleHere’s how to get them both:

AppearanceItemLocationHow to Get It
Szarr Family RingLower Floor1. Hug the wall to the right and pass an Arcana check to unveil a secret room.
2. Enter the room and speak with Goudy, the skeleton.
3. Either pass an intimidation or deception dice roll or fight him to death to receive the Szarr Family Ring. Either way, the skeleton tortured the spawns, so he had it coming.
Kozakuran DictionaryLower Floor1. Open the doors to the room next to the stairs to uncover Victoria’s corpse.
2. Use Misty Step, Dimension Door, or take a giant leap to reach the uncursed area at the back.
3. Inspect the Mahogany Wardrobe to loot the Kozakuran Dictionary.
4. Victoria’s corpse holds some cool loot, so if getting cursed isn’t a problem, consider looting it.

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With these two items, the writing on the Sinister Door can be deciphered, and the lock opened. Head back up and interact with the door to unlock the Sinister Doors and stop the ritual. It’s time for a werewolf vs. vampires showdown.