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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Let Astarion Bite Araj’Oblodra in BG3

Should you convince Astarion to take one for the team in Baldur's Gate 3? It might be worth the reward to upset him, if you need a boost.

One of the NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 has a peculiar request, but one of your party members doesn’t want to go along with it, as Astarion is asked to bite someone whose blood he finds unappealing. If you convince him to put aside his taste buds, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing potion, but is it worth the hit to your approval rating with the charming elven vampire?

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Astarion is one of the most important party members in Baldur’s Gate 3, as you will need him if you don’t choose to play a Rogue. This is because he’s the best at finding traps and picking locks, many of which are in the game, so you’ll want to keep him on your good side. One way to do this is by letting him drink your blood, so long as you don’t mind the debuff that comes with it.

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Why You Should & Shouldn’t Let Astarion Bite Araj’Oblodra in Baldur’s Gate 3

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When you reach Moonrise Tower in Act II, you can encounter a drow potion maker named Araj’Oblodra. She has a request for you, as it has always been her dream to be bitten by a vampire spawn, and she’ll offer you a powerful potion in exchange. Unfortunately, Astarion doesn’t want to do it, as Araj’Oblodra’s blood smells foul. In fact, he’ll immediately throw up after he drinks it.

What Happens if You Let Astarion Bite Araj?

If you force Astarion to do it, you will get disapproval from him, though he’ll still go through with it. There’s no way to avoid upsetting Astation if you want the reward, but Araj’Oblodra will give you the Potion of Everlasting Vigour, which gives a permanent +2 to Strength to anyone who drinks it. This is an incredible reward, as it’s the equivalent of receiving a free Feat. Even if your character doesn’t use Strength as a main stat, the bonus to carrying capacity is extremely helpful.

If you really want a powerful boost to your stats, and Astarion isn’t your romanced companion, then convince Astarion to take one for the team and drink from the drow.

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How to Get the Potion and Keep Astarion

Preserving your relationship with Astarion will require careful handling after he drinks from Araj. Approach Astarion after a long rest to discuss the situation. If handled properly, there’s a chance to continue romancing Astarion or save the relationship.

The outcome may vary based on the progression of your relationship, and a successful preservation is indicated by the conversation ending in a hug. If not, consider reloading or accepting the consequences of potentially spoiling the relationship with Astarion.

What Happens if Astarion Doesn’t Bite Araj?

If you’re 100% dedicated to keeping Astarion on your side and have no interest in the Strength boost, then it’s worth turning Araj’Oblodra down. It’ll increase your approval rating with him, and Astarion will defend you against Araj during your next encounter with the drow.

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