Baldur’s Gate 3 – Should You Trust Mind Flayer Omeluum To Remove the Parasite?

FInd out if this Mind Flayer in particular is to be trusted with the task of removing the parasite in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Mind Flayer in Myconid Colony Baldur's Gate 3

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Early on in Baldur’s Gate 3, it becomes clear that Mind Flayers are the enemy. These tentacly, big-brained beings are responsible for kidnapping your character and infesting your brain with a tadpole parasite. Luckily, since their Nautiloid Ship crashed, they don’t roam the Wilderness often. That’s why when a Mind Flayer named Omeluum nonchalantly walked into the frame in the Underdark’s Myconid Colony, I wasn’t sure whether to draw my sword or start running away.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Can Mind Flayer Omeluum Remove the Parasite in BG3

Omeluum Removes Parasite BG3
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Omeluum, despite being a Mind Flayer, can be trusted to help remove the tadpole parasite. As he tries to earn the player’s trust, he shares he has “broken away from the Grand Scheme,” which, in plain language, just means he’s a friendly octopus alien.

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Mind Flayer Omeluum can brew an icky potion that helps contain the parasite lurking in our character’s mind. He’s willing to help at no cost but requires two ingredients to be brought to him.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Help Omeluum Investigate The Parasite

To complete Help Omeluum Investigate The Parasite in BG3, gather Timmask Spores and a Tongue of Madness in the Underdark. Omeluum and his hobgoblin merchant friend mention these items can be found in a tower somewhere in the Underdark. They speak of the Arcane Tower that lies southwest of the Myconid Colony.

Tongue of Madness Location BG3
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The location to find Timmask Spores and a Tongue of Madness is in the Arcane Tower’s second floor. Though they are lying out and about waiting for someone to collect them from the ground, getting inside the Arcane Tower won’t be easy, given that it’s guarded by Arcane Turrets and operated by a broken Power Generator.

Once collected, take the ingredients back to Omeluum and ask him to cook the potion. After drinking it, get ready for some dice rolling to struggle against the parasite. Whether successful or not, the potion will not be enough to kick this particularly powerful parasite out of your brain.

Still, for the trouble he’s caused, Omeluum will offer the Ring of Mind Shielding, which helps keep the parasite tame. In exchange, he asks for something valuable but will give it for free if intimidated.

Accepting Omeluum’s help didn’t rid our main character of the parasite altogether, but at least it gave us something to fight back.