Best Auto Rifles In Destiny 2, Ranked (Tier List)

The best auto rifles in Destiny 2 are always hard to scrutinize when you’re having fun. Still, they’re different. Here’s what we think.

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The weapons of Destiny 2 will drown you in terms of options if you’re not sure what to look for when doing certain content. It’s a difficult task to obtain the best weapons, as the game can be quite stingy when giving you worthwhile loot and currency. With that said, it’s not surprising to see a bunch of the better rifles in circulation when you’re playing with others online. We want to help you get a leg up on the competition, so this guide compares how each auto rifle in Destiny 2 ranks.

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Best Ranked Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

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SChroma Rush, Rufus’s Fury, The Summoner, Quicksilver Storm, Braytech Werewolf, Positive Outlook, Gnawing Hunger
ACentrifuse, Reckless Oracle, SUROS Regime, Necrochasm, Lodbrok-C, Perpetualis, Sorrow’s Verse, Abyss Defiant, Ammit AR2, Arc Logic, Chrysura Melo, Dark Decider, Duty Bound, False Promises, Seventh Seraph Carbine, Shadow Price, Tigerspite, Sweet Sorrow
BSweet Business, Tommy’s Matchbook, Cereberus+1, Monte Carlo, Hard Light, Age-Old Bond, Arctic Haze, Come to Pass, Coronach-22, Herod-C, Horror Story, Krait, Old Sterling, Scathelocke, The Forward Path,

S Tier — Destiny 2 Auto Rifles

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These auto rifles are amazing, as they each have a broad range of game modes that they can complete without much hassle. The chroma rush, for example, is great at both PvE and PvP thanks to the moving target and feeding frenzy, which help in moving from target to target a lot faster. Gnawing Hunger is also a great weapon, but for a different reason: it doesn’t have that many perks, which helps with rolls. A lot of the viability of these weapons will depend on what rolls you get, but the base stats on a lot of them are excellent.

A Tier — Destiny 2 Auto Rifles

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This is the biggest tier in this guide for one reason, and that’s because it’s tough to quantify these options into a top-tier or bottom-tier choice. For example, Lodbrock-C is great at long-range shooting; in fact, it’s one of the best, but at the same time, it’s not THE best, which hurts its viability when ranking it with the rest of the S tiers. Conversely, Necrochasm is god-tier in PvE with its clearing capabilities, but it’s not great in PvP. As we said, it’s challenging to quantify the A tier, but there’s plenty of potential for a majority of these auto rifles in the right hands.

B Tier — Destiny 2 Auto Rifles

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Usually, in our tier list, we like to end it with the B tier due to the high customizability of each weapon, particularly with rolls and mods. This is still the case here, but there are a few auto rifles on this list that we want to go over. The first one, Artic Haze, is a confusing piece of hardware thanks to its acceptable performance for mouse and keyboard users on PC, masking its horrible spread when firing on a console pad. Because of that, it’s not viable to recommend this weapon for a higher tier, as its usefulness is out of the hands of players who prefer to game on consoles over PCs.

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Another interesting one is the Horror Story, a seasonal weapon that’s easy to use while boasting no true weaknesses. It’s a great all-purpose weapon that can be used for utility in harder content if you choose certain builds. For players looking for a unique playstyle that involves being melee-centric, the Monte Carlo helps by replenishing your energy while recharging your melee attacks faster as a bonus.