Best Booster Module upgrades in Ghostrunner

The best upgrades to improve the Ghostrunner’s abilities.

Best Booster Module upgrades in Ghostrunner

Ghostrunner has a pretty unique upgrade system. The upgrades consist of booster modules which unlock as you progress through the game; however, you can only use a few of them at once. Choosing the booster modules is like a game of Tetris, as you have to select them and efficiently place them.

You can learn more about the upgrade system in our guide here. If you are looking for the best Booster Module upgrades in Ghostrunner, here are some of them according to each ability.


  • Extra Charge: Dash is one of the most useful abilities in the game, and additional charge helps a lot in traversing the environment efficiently.
  • Cooldown: This reduces the cooldown of Dash, allowing you to Dash more quickly. Very useful in the later segments of the game where you have to dash in quick intervals.


  • Reflect: If you are a fan of deflecting and have got the hang of it, Reflect is a good upgrade to have. It reflects the projectile back to the enemy, proving very helpful, especially while taking out enemies like Trigger.
  • Boost: For those who are having a hard time deflecting, Boost makes it much easier to parry projectiles in the game.
  • Sensory Microbooster: This triggers a small duration of Sensory Boost after every kill, which basically makes you enter a slow-motion mode for a short while.


  • Focus Overlook: Increases the speed of focus regeneration. This means you can use abilities more often, which can make combat encounters significantly easier.


  • Detector: For completionists, this upgrade is a must since it is quite hard to locate collectibles in the game. Detector marks the collectibles on the map, which makes finding them quite easier.


  • Range: This increases the range of Blink. Blink can be very effective in taking out some powerful enemies like the shielded Trigger and Enforcers. However, initially, the range is quite less, which makes it less efficient. This upgrade makes Blink more viable in many situations.
  • Extra Charge: Blink can only be used once initially; however, the Extra charge upgrade allows it to be used once again. This can prove useful when you have a couple of strong enemies left in an area.
How does the upgrade system work in Ghostrunner?


  • Multikill refund: If you are overwhelmed with a lot of enemies, Tempest can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The Multikill refund makes it even more efficient as it instantly replenishes the Focus bar if you kill more than two enemies.


  • Size: Initially, a single blast of Surge is roughly enough for two enemies nearby. This ability increases the size of Surge blasts helping you to take out even more enemies at a time.
  • Extra Charges: This allows Surge to be used thrice in quick successions. Quite useful for segments where there are a lot of enemies in close proximity.


  • Duration: This increases Overlord’s duration, which helps the hacked enemy take out more enemies. It can also help you get some additional time to gain a positional advantage while the other enemies focus on the hacked enemy.