Ghostrunner: A Look Inside Cybervoid puzzle guide

Fixing the first Cybervoid.

In the A Look Inside level, players get introduced to the Cybervoid, a place where the Ghostrunner’s abilities get enhanced. Each of the Cybervoid sections in the game grants a new ability and involves solving a puzzle. The first Cybervoid segment in the game is quite simple.

As soon as you enter the Cybervoid, you will see a staircase. Head up the stairs, and you will find several invisible bridges. It’s a bit tricky to spot it, but you need to travel across that to go further. Keep in mind that Dash doesn’t work in the Cybervoid, so you need to watch your step. Keep following the invisible path until you reach the top and a dead end.

From there, you need to fall down twice to reach another invisible path. Finally, go near the yellow cube to proceed to the next segment. You will see a series of invisible platforms once again. Keep traveling across them until you reach a green-tinged platform. This section is a bit tricky since you will not see any more platforms in front of you, but as soon as you move forward or jump, new platforms will start appearing.

Keep moving forward, and new platforms will keep popping up until you reach a place filled with a lot of people. You will find an orange-colored area with many particles popping out of it at the end of the room. Jump on top of it to propel yourself up and proceed to the next section.

In the next section, there will be two moving platforms and a key at the right edge of the level. Jump on the platform on the right and pick up the key. Getting the key will remove the box on top of the orange booster at the farther end of the level. Hop on to the platform on the level and jump on the orange boost to proceed to the next section.

Once you proceed further, you will see another orange booster at the end of the level, but that is again blocked by a block. This time, you need two keys to remove the block. The first one is pretty easy to obtain. Jump on the moving platform on the left and onto the next to grab the first key.

After you get the first key, another platform will appear on the right. Use the moving platform to jump on it. Move forward, and you will find another invisible path similar to the one present in the earlier part of the level. At the end of the path, hop onto the moving platform to reach another invisible path.

Here you need to keep moving forward, and new platforms will keep appearing as you go further. Keep moving forward until you reach the second key. Grab it and head back to the orange booster to reach the next segment.

The next few sections are quite easy, as the keys are located just beside the orange booster. Keep proceeding further until you reach a platform with a dead end. Once again, you need to move forward, and platforms will start appearing as you go further. Jump on the orange booster once again, and you will reach the top of the tower. Finally, jump down from the tower to get out of the Cybervoid.