Best Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Resurgence loadouts: Attachments, Perks & Playstyle

Warzone 2’s Resurgence mode is played at breakneck speeds, so it’s important to have loadouts for Ashika Island and Vondel.

Vondel is Warzone 2's latest Resurgence map, and preparing loadouts for it is paramount.

Image via Activision

Warzone 2.0’s Resurgence mode has been prevalent since Ashika Island debuted in Season 03, and Vondel’s late arrival only brought more fans back into the mix. Battle Royale is certainly still the premiere mode, but the high-octane Resurgence experience brings a different flavor to the game, giving players a chance to tie up their old track shoes and get busy sprinting headfirst into the competition.

The fast-flying gameplay should mean that the stakes are lower, but many players still take it very seriously, and if you’re among that number, then we’ve got some undeniable loadouts for you to try. Whether you’re looking for a great Assault Rifle, SMG, or Sniper, we’ve got something for everyone, so feast your eyes on our carefully curated selection.

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Best Warzone 2 Resurgence Loadouts: ISO 45 & Lachmann Sub

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ashika Island and Vondel move at a bullet train pace compared to Al Mazrah; so more often than not, a good SMG operates as the foundation of your loadout. There are many good options to pick from, but the ISO 45 has an iron grip on first place ahead of Season 06. It has an unmatched fire rate, great mobility, and shooting it is as easy as breathing. Here’s our ideal loadout for the undisputed king of SMGs.

Warzone 2 ISO 45 AttachmentsTunings
Muzzle Lockshot KT85 (-0.35, +0.15)
LaserVLK LZR 7MW (-17.00, +30.00)
StockSK-3 Cheetah (-2.00, -1.00)
Rear Grip EXP Shear (-0.50, -0.25)
Magazine 45-Round Drum

Our ISO 45 does have one major drawback, and that’s the ugly iron sights that are naturally built into the gun. If you’re okay with sacrificing some slight TTK tradeoff, the Lachmann Sub may be a better option for you. This is a much more beginner-friendly option as well, as tracking enemies is admittedly much easier with less visual clutter on the screen.

Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.
Screenshot by Gamepur.
Best Lachmann Sub Warzone 2 AttachmentsTunings
BarrelLachmann Pulsar (+0.35, 0.40)
LaserVLK LZR 7MW (-0.40, -40.00)
StockMeer Recoil-56 Factory Stock (-3.10, -2.00)
Magazine 40 Round Mag
Ammunition9MM Hollow Point (+0.36, +9.00)

If you’re really trying to max out your Resurgence efficiency, slap on these perks and see how your performance moves:

  • Perk Package: Custom
  • Base Perks: Double Time and Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix

Double Time and Tracker make for the ultimate pair, as you’ll be able to follow the footprints left behind from the latter, while taking advantage of the speed boost from the former. Quick Fix will keep you healthy when the fights start to ramp up, and you’re caught out in the middle of the nowhere while trying to rotate.

While most of our loadouts traditionally revolve around Overkill, running to a Buy Station to grab an AR or a Sniper isn’t quite as daunting in most Resurgence games as it is in BR, so your hands will be less tied there. It’s still a wonderfully viable option as well, drop Double Time and toss that on in the other base perk slot.

Best Warzone 2 Resurgence AR Loadout: Cronen Squall

Cronen Squall loadout in Warzone 2.0 for players needing some help with the weapon.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

The Assault Rifle category isn’t much different from the SMGs. There are a handful of good options, but the only one that truly stands out is the Cronen Squall. It’s hard to overstate how good this thing is. It feels like a true callback to Warzone one’s unbelievable midrange ARs, and you’re at a disadvantage if you’re not using it more often than not. Try this build-out and compare it to whatever old hunk o’ junk you were using before.

Cronen Squall Best Attachments & Tunings
MuzzleTY-LR8 (+0.78, +0.15)
BarrelHR6.8 Barrel (+0.30, +0.20)
OpticAIM OP-V4 (+0.90, -1.65)
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56 (+0.70,+0.25)
Magazine50 Round Drum

This is the exact way we build the Cronen Squall on Al Mazrah, too, and it’s simply too good to change too much. The added punch from the TY-LR8 and HR6.8 Barrel are an elite combination, and the FTAC Ripper 56 seems to make every gun better across the board.

It’s hard to get away from the 50-round drum on this gun as its reload speed is nightmarish, but thankfully, it’s pretty challenging to burn through all of those bullets in one go.

You can simply reuse the perks from the ISO 45 Loadout again here, but we highly recommend either grabbing this one from the Buy Station or slapping on Overkill in place of Double Time. The ADS speed is subpar compared to the entire SMG class, and there’s no time to waste if you’re being chased by a team of Nicki Minaj skins at Residential.

Ashika Island & Vondel Sniper Rifle Loadout: MCPR-300

Warzone 2 MCPR-300.
Screenshot by Gamepur

So far, Sniper Rifles have been the most hotly-contested weapon class in Warzone 2. Players can’t ever seem to settle on whether they’re useless, completely broken, or somewhere in between. There’s rarely a consensus on which option is best either, but the MCPR-300 performs well in Resurgence, and it’s our pick for the most viable in the class.

This build relies on Explosive Ammunition, as that’s the only way to get 1-shot kills at all ranges in this game, so there’s no avoiding that no matter which sniper you pick.

Otherwise, our loadout is all about speed, so give it a shot and play with the tunings if something feels wacky. There aren’t many super long-distance fights, but if the range doesn’t feel right to you, tweaking it for that won’t hurt this setup much at all.

Warzone 2 Resurgence MCPR-300 AttachmentsTunings
Muzzle Nilsound 90 (-1.40, +1.00)
LazerFSS OLE-V Laser (-0.50, -25.00)
Ammunition.300 Mag Explosive (+.70, +9.00)
Magazine5 Round Magazine
OpticSP-X 80 6.6x

Take note here – the Optic is pure preference, and while the Schlager Night View is the traditional default for most Snipers in Warzone 2, we’ve opted for an option with a little more flexibility. You’ll likely want to tune whichever sight you pick to max out its distance and ADS speed, but it’s impossible to say what’s right for everyone, so you’ll have to do that part on your own.

That’s all for Resurgence loadouts. We also have a Ranked Play loadout guide, so give it a look if you’re like us and enjoy sweating it out for those sweet, sweet ladder points.