The best TAQ-V loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

You’ll never use another weapon again.

Image via Activision

As the Call of Duty franchise is known for, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gives players a plethora of options for customizing both their characters and their weapons. While characters may give a modicum of style, the customization of weaponry can dictate the pacing and styles of fights for their holders. Whether players prefer long or short weapons, massive slow-firing calibers or small rapid-firing SMGs, weapon platform and familiarity play a consistent role in MW2. One weapon is the TAQ-V — a 7.62 battle rifle with full-auto and semi-auto firing options.

The TAQ-V best stats for Modern Warfare 2

The TAQ-V is a slower-firing 7.62 caliber weapon platform, and can be used with a priority placed on damage-per-round, or to maximize impact based on consistent personnel engagement with a faster firing speed. Which one you pick will likely depend primarily on how well you can shoot, but both can be devastatingly effective. Players will want to hold a Fast Hands perk for quicker reloads once procced, but the other perks are ultimately up to user comfort.

Best TAQ-V long-range loadout

  • Pros
    • Lethal with a single round
    • Capable of engaging mid to long range targets
  • Cons
    • Slower ADS speed
    • Difficult to control in short-range engagements

If you can make the first round accurate, a long-ranged TAQ-V build is what you should be looking for. A clean shot to the face of a target can guarantee a one-hit kill before enemies even know where they’re being engaged from. The bad news is, if an enemy peeks from a close corner, they can quickly engage before you could ready your rifle, and close-ranged combat is difficult even if prepared. Maintain the proper distances, be aware of dangerous corners, and always be moving to ensure enemies can’t plan a flank.

  • Components
    • 18″ Precision-6 Barrel
    • ZULU-60 Muzzle
    • Commando Foregrip
    • Demo Cleanshot Grip
    • SZ SRO-7 (or choice of sight)

Best TAQ-V short-range loadout

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Pros
    • High lethality
    • Rapid-firing offers quick TTK
    • Engaging low to medium-range fights
  • Cons
    • No room for optics
    • Small magazine for rapid-fire weapon

If you can find a comfortable spot with this customization, you’ll be a nightmare in all multiplayer matches outside of Ground War and Invasion. We’re stripping the TAQ-V weapon platform of everything that slows it down, instead opting to boost our ADS speed, recoil, and handling as high as humanly possible. At level 20, the 50-round magazine is unlocked, but be forewarned — it comes with a heft of drawbacks that ends up mitigating most of the build. Keep the 30-round, use Fast Hands, and decimate anyone that comes near.

  • Components
    • Lance-50 12″ Barrel
    • Tempus GH50 Muzzle
    • Commando Foregrip
    • TV Cardinal Stock
    • 30 Round Magazine