Best class to choose in Demon’s Souls

Dominate demons and dragons alike with this starting class.

Image via FromSoftware.

Demon’s Souls is a daunting game, and choosing a class can feel like a massive decision early on. You can be a magic-wielding sorcerer, a knight capable of casting powerful miracles, or a classic hack and slash swordsman. Thankfully, the class you choose during the tutorial won’t affect your build too much during the latter half of the game. The starting classes in Demon’s Souls are an outset point, and you can choose how to build your character from there. This list will show you the best class in Demon’s Souls, along with the best starting gift.

Best starting class

The Temple Knight is an incredibly well-rounded class perfect for new and indecisive players alike. This class starts with a high defense armor set and three Crescent Moon Grass. And your survivability is further enhanced by a healing miracle. Healing miracles are much more useful in Demon’s Souls than the rest of the games in the series, as there is no Estus Flask to provide reliable heals. This class also equips the player with a great starting weapon you can use for much of the game if you continue to upgrade it. The Halberd will allow you to keep your distance from enemies, giving you more time to react to their attacks. With the Temple Knight class, all you have to do is stay back and throw out your halberd and heal when needed, making it great for new players.

Best starting gift

Choosing a starting gift is new to Demon’s Souls and only available to Deluxe Edition owners. To receive your starting gift, head over and speak to Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus. When selecting your starting gift, you’ll suddenly notice that almost all of the item choices are consumables. All except one item, the Providential Ring. This alone makes it the best choice for every player. It raises item discovery when worn, which will net you more consumables in the long run. An argument can be made for picking the firebomb over the Providential Ring as the firebombs are super effective against the first boss. But, you will most likely find enough firebombs on corpses that picking it as your starting gift isn’t warranted.