How to duplicate Ceramic Coins in the Demon’s Souls Remake

You must be tired of farming all those Ceramic Coins to get the Penetrator’s Armor Set. How about duplicating them instead?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bluepoint did an amazing job recreating the original Souls game, Demon’s Souls. This remake has everything the original had and more. One of the additions Bluepoint made is the inclusion of the Penetrator’s armor set. While this armor set has been known about for a while, it is still just as hard to get as it was in the beginning.

Ceramic Coins are needed to get the armor set (26 to be exact). In every playthrough, there is a total of 13 coins that you can find hidden throughout the world. The problem with collecting these is that it is very time-consuming and difficult for those who aren’t great at the game. It would be easier if friends could drop you the extra coins needed for the key. Unfortunately, this will break the coins and they will become unusable. There is, however, a duplication glitch that has been discovered to duplicate these keys so you and a friend can both get the coveted armor set.

Grab a coin

Screenshot by Gamepur

To start the glitch off, you will need to grab at least one Ceramic Coin. One of the easiest to obtain is the coin in the Ritual Path Archstone of the Shrine of Storms. The path is quite easy. Simply run past the Reaper on the lower level of the large room and go back behind where Patches knocks you into the hole. The coin is inside a box in the back left corner when facing away from the door to leave. Remember to be in Fractured Mode and have Pure Black World Tendency before going here or the coin will not spawn. World Tendency can be lowered by dying in human form. At most, it will take seven deaths.

Grab a friend and duplicate the coin

Now that you have grabbed a coin, it is time to go to everyone’s favorite bird, Sparkly, to get some more. Place your summon sign down in front of Sparkly’s tree and have a friend summon you. Make sure Sparkly says their key phrase, “Sparkly, happy, happy.” Once that is done, force close the game by going to the home page and closing it out. This will trick the game into believing that the host player dropped the coin. Now your friend can quit the game and come back in to find the coin still sitting there and safe to pick up without breaking. This can be done with multiple coins and as you and your friend get more coins, the process will become faster.