How to get a loadout drop in Caldera for Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Loadouts won’t be as easy to buy as they were in Verdansk.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map seemingly having an endless supply of cash everywhere, it isn’t too hard to obtain enough money for a highly-coveted loadout drop. As usual, squads can obtain their own by heading to a buy station and spending a whooping $100,000 on one. Albeit, before this can be done, one major event needs to happen in order to nab one.

As most players will likely spot, the Loadout Drop Marker will be unavailable when purchasing it at a buy station early into a match. To ensure it is more a challenge to get these, squads in Caldera will now need to wait for the game’s Loadout Drop Event to happen before they can buy their own. Loadout Drop Events typically occur after the first or second circle for each squad — ultimately resulting in your team having to wait about 10 minutes before directly purchasing one.

It should be noted that Loadout Drop Events happen at different times for each squad. So, if you spot an enemy team calling a loadout drop in, this does not necessarily mean yours can too. However, instead of having to wait for the event’s own loadout to fall — which can take a minute — your team can buy one the moment the in-game narrator notifies you of the upcoming event.

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