Best Freminet Builds in Genshin Impact: an In-depth Guide

Players will be able to bring out the best in Freminet with these artifacts, weapons, and team options for this Genshin Impact build.

Genshin Impact Freminet Build

Image via Gamepur

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Freminet is a four-star character introduced in the area of Fontaine in Genshin Impact. This deep diver, despite his soft demeanor, can do some major damage as long as he has the right equipment.

Freminet can be built as a Physical DPS or a Cryo DPS depending on the player’s preferred gameplay style. Freminet’s abilities revolve around his Elemental Skill. This puts him in a Pers Timer State that will trigger a pressure gauge to appear. Normal Attacks will build the pressure gauge levels up to four. Players can activate the skill again to release the Pers Timer State and pressure gauge to increase his Physical DMG but decrease his Cryo DMG. Using level 0 will have to opposite effect and increase Cryo DMG.

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Best Artifacts for Freminet Build in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Freminet Build Artifacts
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The best artifacts for Freminet in Genshin Impact will increase Physical and Cryo damage linked to his Elemental Skill ability. The main stats to concentrate on are ATK%, Physical DMG% or Cryo DMG%, and Crit Rate/DMG. The sub-stats to build are the same as the main stats with the inclusion of Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery. The best artifacts are the following.

  • Pale Flame
  • Golden Troupe
  • Gladiators Finale
  • Blizzard Strayers

The best artifact set for a Physical DPS build is the Pale Flame. Pale Flame’s four-piece set bonus will increase his ATK by 9% for seven seconds when an Elemental Skill hits an enemy. This ability can stack twice which will increase the two-piece set bonus of a 25% Physical DMG increase. Pale Flame’s two-piece set can be paired with Golden Troupe’s two-piece set or artifact sets that will add a 25% Physical DMG bonus or an 18% ATK bonus.

The best artifact set for a Cryo DPS is the Blizzard Strayer. This increases Freminet’s Cryo DMG by 15% with its two-piece set bonus. Crit Rate will increase by 20% when attacking an enemy affected by Cryo. If the enemy is frozen, an additional 20% will be added.

Best Weapons for Freminet Build in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Freminet Build Weapons
Image via Gamepur

The best weapons for a Freminet Physical DMG build are the following.

5 Star Weapons4 Star Weapons
Skyward PrideSerpent Spine
Song of Broke PinesPrototype Archaic
Beacon of the Reed Sea
Redhorn Stonethresher

The best weapons for a Freminet Cryo DMG build are the following.

5 Star Weapons4 Star Weapons
Wolf’s GravestoneSerpent Spine
Beacon of the Reed SeaTidal Shadow
The UnforgedMailed Flower

The best weapon for a Physical DPS build is the Skyward Pride. It increases Freminet’s Physical DMG by 4.5% as a bonus stat. It Skill effects increase his ATK by 16%. When a Normal Attack hits an enemy, Freminet will get a Sigil of Whispers and once he gains 4 Sigils all party members will get a Normal ATK SPD increase of 12% and ATK increase of 20% for 12 seconds.

The best weapon for a Cryo DPS build is the Serpent Spine. This will increase Freminet’s Crit Rate by 6%. A character on the field will be able to deal 6% more DMG but will have to take 3% more DMG every four seconds. This will stack at a maximum of 5x stacks. However, players need to make sure they are using an artifact that boosts Energy Recharge.

Best Team for a Freminet Build

Genshin Impact Freminet Build Team
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Freminet will need a Hydro user and another Cryo user to provide buffs, triggering his Skill and increasing his Shattering Pressure Damage. The last member of the team will depend on whether the player makes Freminet a Physical DPS or a Cryo DPS.

A Physical DPS Freminet will utilize an Electro user to trigger Superconduct along with being able to freeze opponents with the Hydro user. Some Hydro options are Xingqiu or Kokomi as they will be able to provide off-field Hyrdo applications to freeze enemies. Some Electro Options are Kuki Shinobu and Beidou to provide off-field Electro to trigger Superconduct and reduce enemies’ Physical resistance.

A Cryo DPS Freminet will have an Anemo user along with a Cryo and Hydro user. The Anemo user should be equipped with a four-piece set of Viridescent Venerer to acquire the ability to decrease an enemy’s Elemental Resistance. Anemo users to team with Freminet are Jean and Kazuha. Kazuha can increase Freminet’s Cryo DMG with his A4 passive as well.

Cryo users for both builds are there to lower Freminet’s Energy Recharge. Chongyun is the best choice as he can charge Freminet’s Normal Attacks with Cryo. Other choices are Kaeya and Shenhe.