Celeste Strawberry Jam mod gives players a new mountain to climb

Prepare for more rock-hard platforming.

Image via Maddy Makes Games

2018’s Celeste immediately proved a critical darling when it released, leaping to the top of plenty of lists of best indie games and showing how developers could tie gameplay and narrative together in a tight, focused package. The game is built with a focus on replayability, with various options to speedrun levels or seek out devilishly concealed collectibles, but for the most voracious fans even that hasn’t been quite enough to slake their thirst for platforming action. Some have even taken the matter into their own hands, constructing mods to add additional content to the game.

One such endeavor has been the Celeste Strawberry Jam mod project. In development for over two years, Strawberry Jam is a collaborative effort bringing together over 350 contributors from within the Celeste fan community. The mod itself brings over 100 new levels to the game, for players of all skill levels, and seems to add in a few new abilities — and obstacles — for players to get their heads around as well. One, for example, looks like it gives player character Madeline the ability to gain a little more airtime while holding a particular type of flower, while another snippet sees her rising through the air with an umbrella in hand.

The mod will also feature over 8 hours of original music created by 50 composers from around the world. Incidentally, any profits from sales and streams of the mod’s soundtrack on Bandcamp will be donated to Trans Lifeline, a charity that offers emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis. As such, the mod — and the original game too — are a solid choice for those who may wish to play a game actively supportive of the LGBTQ+ community at this particular moment in time. Celeste Strawberry Jam will release on Feb 17 for free to anyone who owns the base game, so make sure to keep an eye out if you want more deliciously difficult platforming fun.