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Screenshot by Gamepur

The 10 best Holiday skins in Overwatch 2

Celebrate the occasion.

When an upcoming holiday is globally recognized, you can expect Overwatch 2 to celebrate it in some way. The game will usually introduce a multi-week special event that can bring new game modes to play for a limited time, but some special skins will also be available for your favorite heroes. Here are the best holiday-themed skins you can get in Overwatch 2.

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Best holiday skins in Overwatch 2 — Our top 10 picks

Black Lily Widowmaker

Screenshot by Gamepur

Black Lily is a dark purple dress you can put Widowmaker in to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This also will put her hair up, which isn’t too common in her other skins. You can easily see her tattoos on her arm and back, helping bring the whole thing together beautifully. Widowmaker has quite a few really good skins, but Black Lily is probably our favorite for how simple it is and how good it makes her look.

Conductor Reinhardt

Screenshot by Gamepur

Conductor Reinhardt is a Winter Wonderland skin that really gives this big lovable Tank a Polar Express feeling. He wears an armored conductor uniform and sports a fancy mustache, which is all nice and good, but what we love most about this skin is how it affects a certain sound. When you use his Charge ability, Reinhardt will make steam engine train sounds.

Cultist Zenyatta

Screenshot by Gamepur

As peaceful of an omnic as Zenyatta is, we enjoy seeing him become a fearful Cthulu worshipper. Cultist is a Halloween Terror skin that turns Zenyatta purple, gives him tentacles, puts him into dark robes, and turns his orbs into always-watching eyes. This also affects the voice lines that Zen says, including his Ultimate line, which is always something we get behind. Cultist is easily one of the best Overwatch skins ever.

Cupid Hanzo

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Only one character uses a bow and arrow in Overwatch 2 as of this writing, so it makes sense to turn him into Cupid. This Valentine’s Day skin puts Hanzo in white clothes and sandals and grows out his hair a little bit to make him a little more dreamy. He has small wings on his back, and there are sound alterations here as well. Storm Arrow’s shots will sound like plucking strings on a harp, and using his Ultimate will play some smooth jazz from the Loverwatch dating sim available during Valentine’s Day.

Jingle Tracer

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jingle is a skin that dresses Tracer up as one of Santa’s elves for Christmas time. She wears green tights, shoes, and a Santa hat to accompany her Chronal Accelerator taking the shape of a peppermint. To get everyone in the festive spirit, she has many altered voice lines when this skin is on, and every time she uses her Blink ability, you can hear jingle bells shaking on her.

Pumpkin Reaper

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sometimes, a good Reaper can feel like an unstoppable force. When they have the Pumpkin skin equipped and look like the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, it’s even more daunting. You can’t remove the pumpkin head, but the intimidating presence of Reaper here is great and much better than pretty much every other skin for the character in the game. His guns are covered in lit candles with jack-o-lanterns, and we love the connection to the Junkenstein story.

Santaclad Torbjorn

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can’t have Christmas without Santa Claus. While most people would likely point to Reinhardt as the most Santa-like character on the Overwatch 2 roster, it is Torbjorn who gets put into the all-too-familiar red suit. On the surface, Santaclad is a basic case of putting Torb into a Santa suit, but his backpack is also turned into a couple of Christmas trees, and his voice lines are adjusted to be a little more jolly.

Shin Ryeong D.Va

Screenshot by Gamepur

D.Va has plenty of great choices for what is her best skin, but Shin Ryeong is definitely up there. This Halloween Terror skin turns her mech into a haunted temple, but it’s the details on the pilot that truly stand out. D.Va is in the process of turning into a spirit fox, with her hands and feet bearing claws and sprouting a ghost-like tail and fox ears. Her eyes also have a spooky glow to them that we love.

Will-O’-Wisp Tracer

Screenshot by Gamepur

Will-O’-Wisp is another Halloween skin that we absolutely love. Tracer takes on a pale, spooky glow, and her hair is colored green. The Chronal Accelerator is turned into an aggressive-looking jack-o-lantern, and her clothes look like something pulled from a Tim Burton movie. It’s a brilliant way to capture the Halloween spirit.

Witch Mercy

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mercy is seen as someone always looking to lend a helpful hand. That completely shifts in her Witch skin, which makes her an antagonistic force in the Dr. Junkenstein story. Her staff becomes a broom, and the autumn colors at play in her clothes fit the time of the year perfectly.

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