Best Huntress build in Dead by Daylight

Such a soothing song to die to.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Huntress is one of Dead by Daylight’s first DLC Killers and is best recognized by the song she hums throughout the match she is in. If you don’t notice the humming, you will likely detect the hatchets flying through the air. When playing as The Huntress, hitting a Survivor with one of those hatchets is one of the best-feeling moves in the game. The skill needed to do so will need to be practiced and perfected. If you are trying to get the most out of your playtime with The Huntress, here is the best build for her.


When going through add-ons for The Huntress, look at anything that will help your hatchets. Flower Babushka, Infantry Belt, Deerskin Gloves, Shiny Pin, and Bandaged Haft will get the job done. Outside of those, she has a lot of add-ons that will implement status effects to Survivors.


While The Huntress is a ranged killer, she is also quite slow. With that in mind, you will want perks that can reveal Survivors to you.

Barbecue & Chilli

Barbecue & Chilli will need to be unlocked from The Cannibal, but once you do, you will see where Survivors are when you hook one of them if they are at least a certain distance away from the hook. This can give you an idea of how many Survivors are close by and might be looking to free the Survivor. Or, it’ll show you which are working on generators far away.

Bitter Murmur

Bitter Murmur reveals the aura of any Survivors within 16 meters of a completed generator, and all Survivors will be seen when the final generator is fixed regardless of how far away they are. This will make it so you can begin hunting down at least one Survivor and punish them for repairing the generators.


Discordance is a perk that can show you what generators are being worked on before they’re completed. After being unlocked from The Legion, when two or more Survivors are working on a generator within range of you, the generator will make a noise and be revealed to you.

Lethal Pursuer

Lethal Pursuer will need to be unlocked from The Nemesis, but once you do, you will have Survivor’s auras revealed to you at the beginning of every match for several seconds. This gives you a good idea of where to start looking for Survivors. Look for nearby generators and lockers that they would run to immediately.