Best Huntress build in Dead by Daylight

Such a soothing song to die to.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

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The Huntress is one of Dead by Daylight’s first DLC Killers and is best recognized by the song she hums while looking for the survivors. If you don’t notice the humming, you will likely detect the hatchets flying through the air. When playing as The Huntress, hitting a Survivor with an airborne hatchet is one of the best-feeling moves in the game. The skill needed to do so will need to be practiced and perfected if you expect to take every Survivor down. To help out with that journey, here is the best loadout for The Huntress in Dead by Daylight.

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Best perks for The Huntress in Dead by Daylight

As you might expect with The Huntress, tracking down your prey is a big key to winning with her. Unfortunately, while her hatchets give her good range, she is pretty slow when compared to other Killers. With that in mind, we want to know where the Survivors are as much as possible with this build.

Darkness Revealed (The Dredge)

The Huntress will need to use lockers to restock her hatchets after throwing them, but you can also make them play to your benefit. When you search lockers with Darkness Revealed on, any Survivor near another locker will be revealed to you.

Iron Maiden (The Legion)

Another locker-themed perk. With Iron Maiden, any Survivor who goes into a locker will scream and give away their location as well as be exposed. There’s also the bonus that you will allow you to search lockers faster.

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Lethal Pursuer (The Nemesis)

Lethal Pursuer can help you get off to a very fast start at the beginning of a trial. You will be able to see the starting locations of all Survivors for a few moments at the beginning of the match, and their aura reveals will be extended by a couple of seconds. This can let you track them down and be on them from the very start.

Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage (The Onryo)

With Floods of Rage, certain hooks in the trial will be shown to you as white. Whenever you place a Survivor on one of these hooks, you are setting yourself up for success. If that Survivor gets off, all Survivor auras will be shown to you, giving you the leg up to counterattack. It’s a win-win situation since if they don’t get off, you are one person closer to winning the match.

With the above perks in place, just be sure to use lockers and the scourge hooks to reveal Survivor locations as much as possible. Put some good add-ons on your hatchet to make them more lethal and you should create hell for the opposition.