Every Killer in Dead by Daylight, ranked by Kill Rate

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Image via Behaviour Interactive YouTube

The Dead by Daylight team at Behaviour Interactive has been collecting data regarding how well players have been doing with the various Killers following the major changes they made in June 2022. The team thought it would be helpful for everyone to see that information and posted a percentage breakdown showing some of the best Killer characters in the Dead by Daylight community. Here’s what you need to know about every Killer ranked by their Kill Rate in Dead by Daylight.

All Killers ranked by Kill Rate in Dead by Daylight

The Behaviour Interactive team shared the full results on their forums. The team breaks down the numbers into two charts gathered from those who played in September 2022. The first chart highlights the Kill Rate for every Killer at all MMR levels, while the second chart highlights the Kill Rate for every Killer at the top five percent MMR. We have several notable names reaching the highest rankings, such as Onryo, the Dredge, the Artist, the Cenobite, the Pig, the Plague, the Shape, and Legion.

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Here’s the overall Kill Rate for every Killer at all MMR levels.

  • 63%: The Cenobite, Onryo, and The Mastermind
  • 62%: The Nightmare
  • 61%: The Pig, the Plague, and the Dredge
  • 60%: The Spirit, the Artist, the Shape, and the Legion
  • 59%: The Nemesis, the Hag, and the Cannibal
  • 58%: The Oni, the Wraith, the Executioner, the Ghost Face, and the Clown
  • 57%: The Blight, the Twins, the Deathslinger, and the Huntress
  • 56%: The Trapper
  • 55%: The Demogorgon and the Doctor
  • 54%: The Hillbilly
  • 53%: The Trickster
  • 52%: The Nurse

Here’s the overall Killrate for every Killer at five percent MMR levels.

  • 65%: The Mastermind
  • 63%: The Plague
  • 62%: The Dredge
  • 61%: The Oni, the Cenobite, the Onryo, the Blight, the Nurse, and the Spirit
  • 60%: The Pig, the Wraith, and the Twins
  • 59.5 to 60%: The Shape, the Hag, the Hillbilly, the Nightmare, and the Legion
  • 59 to 59.5%: The Artist
  • 58.5 to 59%: The Trickster, the Doctor, the Clown, and the Ghost Face
  • 58% to 58.5%: The Huntress, the Deathslinger, Nemesis, and the Executioner
  • 57%: The Cannibal and the Demogorgon
  • 56%: The Trapper

Surprisingly, The Mastermind, Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker, tops both of these charts, likely because of his release at the end of August 2022. Although he might dip down as the months go by, it is fun to see his popularity propel him to the top, even those battling it with the highest MMR rating in Dead by Daylight. We have several changes up, with the Dredge and the Plague pulling ahead as some of the more preferred choices, but the Oni, the Blight, and the Nurse pulling ahead as some of the Community’s favorites.

The Behaviour Interactive team offered a more detailed showcase for each Killer, breaking down their exact Kill Rate between the general Community and those at the five percent MMR ranking and the Killer’s pick rate.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The detailed breakdown shows that The Mastermind, Wesker, has an incredibly high pick rate. This makes sense given their release window, and we imagine this will go away in several months with the arrival of another Killer, and The Mastermind’s popularity begins to drop. If you want to try out a new Killer in Dead by Daylight, check the list to see what others are playing to give yourself ideas.