Best ISO 9MM SMG Loadout in MW2 & Warzone: Attachments, Perks & Playstyle

The ISO 9MM could shake up the Call of Duty meta in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, but it needs a little loadout love to get it going.

The ISO 9mm was a welcome addition in Season 6 of Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A new season means it’s time for a new meta in both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The ISO 9MM is still finding its place in the chaos, but we’ve got a loadout ready that will let you get a taste of its potential in the meantime.

If you’re not sure what all the hype is about, this gun fits the mold of the classic Skorpion EVO or the World War II PPSH. It’s meant to dominate close gunfights, shoot roughly a million bullets a second, and open up the potential for you to be a speed demon no matter which Call of Duty you’re playing.

We’ve been impressed with the offerings already, but there’s a feeling in the community that the ISO 9mm’s full potential still hasn’t been unlocked. Don’t take someone else’s word for it though, throw on our loadout and try it for yourself.

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Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone: Best ISO 9mm SMG Loadout

The ISO 9mm is a rising star in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.
Screenshot by Gamepur

We would typically break down this kind of guide into two different builds, but right now this is the best way to build the ISO 9MM, and it works wonderfully in both games. That may change over time, and we’ll keep an eye on it as the season rolls on.

For now, push forward with this loadout and see how it feels. It’s a pretty standard SMG build and you shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting to it. If you still haven’t unlocked it, we’ve got a guide for that too, and it won’t take you long to get rolling.

Weapon PartAttachment
Stock Demo Fade Tac (-0.80, -1.35)
LaserVLK LZR 7MW (-0.15,-29.58)
Magazine50 Round Drum
Ammunition9MM Hollowpoint (+0.50, +6.10)
OpticSlimline Pro

Our attachments are mainly focused on keeping things fluid. The Demo Fade Tac and the VLK ZLR 7MW synergize well in the speed department, enhancing the gun’s natural strafe speed. 9MM Hollowpoints will enhance this effect, as the Crippling Power ability on those rounds will slow your targets down, in turn making you feel even faster.

The Slimline Pro is just a no-nonsense optic choice. Calling the ISO’s iron sights bulky would be generous, so trimming that down makes aiming feel a million times easier. Finally, the 50 Round Drum is an obvious addition. When you’re dealing with one of the fastest weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, you need that safety net to avoid an unhappy ending any time multiple enemies show up.

Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone: ISO 9MM Loadout Perks, Playstyle

The right perks are crucial in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.
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Choosing your perks carefully can make all the difference in both games, so don’t take our opinion to be completely binding. Make adjustments as needed to suit your playstyle, but we’ll be building ours around a run-and-gun style that will keep you in the thick of danger more often than not.

For Warzone, it’s almost always recommended to start with Overkill. An SMG alone isn’t enough to keep you safe, especially on a bigger map like Al Mazrah. Slap on a Kastov 762 to take care of your long-range needs. Round that out with Double Time for extra speed, Fast Hands for quick reloads and weapon swaps, and Quick Fix for some extra survival.

All of that can be applied to Modern Warfare 2, except you should swap out Overkill for Battle Hardened so random flashes, stuns, and other Tacticals won’t completely ruin your life.

The ISO 9MM is Warzone's latest addition, but is it any good?
Image via Activision

If you’re playing the ISO 9MM, there’s really no choice but to stay at the front of the fight. It’s an extremely mobile gun and we want to take advantage of that in both games. Play with confidence and use aggressive positioning to catch people off guard. You have the faster gun, so a surprise gunfight shouldn’t scare you as much as it scares everyone else.

You’ll probably die if you get caught out at range though, so avoid running through open areas as much as possible. A Smoke Grenade can bail you out big time, but we’ve all died to a random person who has a thermal sight on the other side of the map, so be aware that it’s bound to happen if you use that trick too often.