10 Best Items To Farm In Reverse 1999 Before the 1.2 Update

Pre-prep for when Reverse 1999’s 1.2 update releases by farming the best items in the game.

Best items to Farm in Reverse 1999

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Reverse 1999 will continue to roll updates as time goes by. Thanks to the CN version being ahead of us global players, we already have a taste of what’s to come.

As much as I’d love to sit still and stare in awe at the Tooth Fairy, Changeling, and Blonney designs, I’d much rather get ready to level their insight and resonance as soon as I pull them. Yes, I’m manifesting my luck here. To make the most out of these 6- and 5-star characters, it’s crucial to stock up on specific materials that will skyrocket their power. With this list of the best items to farm in Reverse 1999, you’ll be ready to propel them to the pinnacle of power when the 1.2 update drops.


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How to get: It can be obtained at Mintage Aesthetics Pawnshop and Artificial Somnambulism.

Technically, this is not an item but a currency. But every upgrade and every character have one constant: they require Sharpodonty. This ancient currency is listed in every character’s insight upgrade, so if you want to get any character from 1.2 to Insight level 3 when the update drops, you’ll need a bunch of it. 

It can be obtained via the Mintage Aesthetics Pawnshop, but if you log in daily, get the Artificial Somnambulism cleared daily. It should unlock in early Chapter 3, so you’ll have it available early on. Make it your top priority to farm these items in Reverse 1999 for a game-changing journey.

Pages, Scrolls, and Tomes

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Insight upgrades for your characters will demand 6 Pages, 10 Scrolls, and 16 Tomes each. I’ve decided to group them not because they drop from the same area but because they share another characteristic: which tome, scroll, or page you use is indifferent. 

You can stack Pages of Starlit Ascent from the Starfall Locale and Pages of Beastly Thirst from the Brutes Wilds. Regardless of type, ensure you farm as many of these items as possible in Reverse 1999.

Liquefied Terror

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How to get: It can be purchased in the Fragment Shop’s Oneiric Shop.

Liquefied Terror is a material that frequently pops up in insight and resonance upgrades for the upcoming characters in the Reverse 1999 1.2 update. These can be acquired in the Oneiric Shop but can also drop regularly in 1-14 The Eye of the Storm, 4-4 Raise A Glass, and 4-13 Flashing Red in hard mode.

Salted Mandrake

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How to get: It can be obtained in the Wilderness Pawnshop.

Salted Mandrake will come in handy in both upgrades, especially when it comes to resonance. It should also be helpful to level up Pickles and Diggers from the 1.1 update, so it’s not a bad idea to farm this item in Reverse 1999.

If you’re not a big spender, clear the following stages for a chance to get Salted Mandrake: 2-9 Pearl and Bullet Hole, 3-13 A Yard, and 4-21 Good Weather.

Wyrmling Skeleton

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How to get: It can be obtained in the Wilderness Pawnshop.

Wyrmling Skeletons are yet another farming item you’ll want to keep an eye out for in Reverse 1999. They can only be obtained from the Wilderness Pawnshop, but you’ll need over 20 for the upcoming update.

Milled Magnesia

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How to get: Craft it in the Wilderness Pawnshop

When it comes to insight upgrades, you won’t get far without Milled Magnesia. It may not seem crucial, but Milled Magnesia plays a vital role in leveling up the characters that are to come in Reverse 1999’s 1.2 update. 

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Besides getting it in the Wilderness Pawnshop, you can also get drops regularly from clearing 1-12 Appetizers, 2-10 The Chew-Chew Potion, and 4-5 In the Castle.

Holy Silver

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How to get: Craft it in the Wilderness Pawnshop

Both insight and resonance upgrades require copious amounts of Holy Silver. An alternative to the Pawnshop is the 2-3 and 3-8 stages in hard mode.

Crystal Casket

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How to get: It can be obtained in the Fragment Shop’s Oneiric Shop.

Nothing is as hard as farming Crystal Casket in Reverse 1999. You can only purchase Crystal Caskets twice a month, so make sure this is at the top of your shopping list. From resonance levels 10 to 15, one of these is required. That means you’ll need to farm at least 5 of these items in Reverse 1999 to max out one character.

Sonorous Knell

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How to get: It can be purchased at the Pawnshop’s Treble Counter and crafted with Brief Cacophony.

Sonorous Knell is a must-have item to raise your characters’ Resonance level, especially at the highest levels. They’re pretty hard to acquire, but you can also craft them from Brief Cacophony, which you’ll obtain from in-game events.

Biting Box

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How to get: Craft it in the Wilderness Pawnshop.

You’ll be needing Biting Boxes mostly to upgrade a character’s resonance. However, farming this item in Reverse 1999 will also come in handy in the game’s current version if you have Pickles.

This item has a 100% drop chance in the 4-10 stage and 96% in the 2-12 stage, as long as you’re willing to go in hard mode.