Best Method to Farm Candy in Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

Candy is horrid for your teeth in real life, but great for unlocking powerful goodies in Destiny 2. Here’s the fast track to getting more.

Image via Bungie

Everyone loves candy, right? Well, in Destiny 2, it seems like the sugar rush has infested hostile enemies, as they are carrying tons of it around the galaxy for the Festival of the Lost Halloween event. As aspiring dentists and fitness enthusiasts, we guardians have taken it upon ourselves to rid the world of these tasty treats, one powered-up punch at a time.

For those who are looking for the worst offenders, we have the inside scoop on where to go to catch these candy criminals. Join us as we take on these candy bandits, one wrapper at a time. These are the best methods to farm candy in Destiny 2 for the Festival of the Lost event.

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Where To Farm Candy in Destiny 2

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If you’ve been doing Haunted Lost sectors, you should know that although it’s great to get more candy, it can be hit or miss based on your team, particularly if you go by matchmaking. Things are always easier in this game alone, so here’s how you should go about it as a solo player. First, you’ll want to choose a planet that has a lot of easy-to-trigger heroic events along with a healthy playerbase. In this case, we’ll go with the EDZ on Earth as it has the best routes and tends to be a magnet for a lot of veteran players, which’ll make your life much easier as you farm.

How To Rotate In-Between Events

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After touching down at the EDZ, just teleport close to an ongoing or soon-to-be-triggered public event. Make sure to take the proper steps to trigger the heroic events and wear your mask, as this will get you the most candy. If there’s some downtime between events, you can try to do some patrols while you wait. You’ll get candy and spectral page rewards from both activities. Keep rotating between them as they appear, and eventually you’ll be overflowing with candy and other goodies before you know it.