Bookworm Event Challenge Guide, Destiny 2 Festival of The Lost Event

For all you bookworms out there, Destiny 2 has a Bookworm challenge Event for Festival of the Lost. Here’s how to complete it.

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Don’t worry. Bungie isn’t planning on having you go to the local library to look up some long-forgotten mumbo jumbo in Destiny 2. Instead, they prefer that you use your big guns and magical abilities to collect scattered pages across the galaxy for the Bookworm challenge, which is an event you can partake in during the Festival of the Lost.

With that said, there’s a method to the madness, so if you’re looking to jump in, here’s everything you should know about the Bookworm Event in Destiny 2 as you prepare to collect more awesome armor and cosmetics. Just be warned, there’s a spooky aura accompanying this event, so only the bravest should continue reading on.

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How to Complete the Bookworm I Challenge in Destiny 2

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To put it simply, in the Bookworm challenge you’re looking for books, or rather, the pages that belong inside. These are called Spectral Pages, and when you find the correct amount, you’ll convert them into Manifested Pages in the Haunted Sectors, like the one you did during the introductory quest.

After collecting 11 pages, you’ll have unlocked one-third of the Book of the Forgotten, Vol. 3, which is a tattered book filled with lost legends and forgotten lore. Players can find the book to the right of Eva Levante in the Tower. Once 11 pages are unlocked, the Bookworm I Event challenge will be completed.

There are three Event Challenges to tick off for the Book of the Forgotten. You only need to complete the first one to unlock the ability to buy an exclusive set of pins on the Bungie Store. Here’s an overview of what you’re looking to do to complete the Bookworm Challenges:

TitlePages RequiredReward
Bookworm I11 pages15,000 Glimmer, Bungie Reward Code for the pins, 1 Event Ticket
Bookworm II22 pagesMagical Transformation Shader, 2 Enhancement Cores, 1 Event Ticket
Bookworm III33 pagesNyxpteron (Exotic Ship), 1 Enhancement Prism, 1 Event Ticket

How to Start the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2

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In order to start the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2, you’ll need to locate the Mistress of Events herself, Eva Levante, at the usual spot at the Tower. Just choose the courtyard as your landing point, and you should see her set up right in front of you.

After picking up the quest from her, Classic Carving, which’ll have you adventuring from your first Haunted Sector playlist and back to Eva, the quest will also go over the history of Festival of the Lost for those who are interested in Destiny 2 lore.

Best Ways To Collect More Pages in the Book of the Forgotten in Destiny 2

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So, the first thing you’ll want to do to collect more pages in the Book of the Forgotten is equip a Festival of the Lost Mask in order to get the event drops for your character. Next, complete any activity in Destiny 2 while wearing that mask to grab as many Spectral Pages as possible. The more activities completed, the more Spectral Pages earned.

After doing this, just head to the various Haunted Sector missions via the dedicated playlist. Legendary Haunted Sectors provide more loot, so it’s best to farm these if you can. It’s killing Headless Ones that nets you Manifested Pages for the book, though.