How To Unlock The Lost Memento During Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

During Festival of the Lost 2023, Destiny 2 players can completeh the Twilight Triumph to unlock their first Lost Memento, but it’s not easy.


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Lost Mementos are something that players thought Bungie had forgotten about in Destiny 2. However, scanning through the Triumphs for Season of the Witch, it’s possible to find one as a reward for a very confusing Triumph.

Until Festival of the Lost 2023 started, no one knew how to get this Lost Memento, but now all has become clear. Everything is linked to the event and the way players engage with activities while wearing specific masks.

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How to Unlock the Lost Memento in Destiny 2 During Festival of the Lost

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To unlock the Lost Memento during Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2, players must complete the Twilight Triumph. Players can find this by opening the Season of the Witch Triumphs page and opening the General section. This Triumph is located at the bottom.

However, the Twilight Triumph has no clear objectives. They’re all question marks, and progress is the same for all of them. Since Festival of the Lost 2023 began, though, the player base has figured out exactly what these objectives are and how to complete them.

How to Complete the Twilight Triumph in Destiny 2

There are three objectives players need to complete if they want to finish the Twilight Triumph in Destiny 2 and earn the Lost Memento. We’ve outlined each of these below so players can check them and go off and complete them by themselves if they want. However, we’ve also added some assistance as to how to get certain items below the objectives.

  • While wearing the Clovis Bray Mask, complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike.
  • While wearing the Nimbus Mask, get 100 kills on Neomuna.
  • While wearing the Tormentor Mask, get 25 finishers in a Legend Haunted Sector.

Completing these objectives requires some legwork. See below for some instructions on how to unlock each of the Masks used in these objectives. This entire experience is just unpleasant if players don’t know how.

How to Get the Clovis Bray Mask in Destiny 2

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The Clovis Bray Mask is the mast players will unlock by completing the opening Festival of the Lost 2023 quest that Eva Levante gives players in The Tower, Classic Carving. Players really can’t miss this, especially if they’re aiming to collect every page in the Book of the Forgotten for the Bookworm Event Challenge.

How to Get the Nimbus Mask in Destiny 2

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The Nimbus Mask is a reward for completing one of the Festival of the Lost 2023 challenges. All players have to do is use Hocus Focusing with Eva Levante to focus an Eerie Engram. This is a great way to pick up as many event-exclusive weapons as possible.

How to Get the Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2

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The Tormentor Mask is another reward from Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023. To get it, players need to defeat 100 Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors. This is incredibly easy because the goal of Haunted Sectors is to kill Headless Ones, so everyone is set.

What is the Lost Memento in Destiny 2

The Lost Memento is a type of cosmetic that can be applied to weapons. The one that players pick up from Festival of the Lost 2023 is pure black and can be used on pretty much anything. Earning it will unlock the ability to pick up more Lost Mementos from drops elsewhere in Destiny 2. However, they’re incredibly rare, and players barely find them while out and about.