Best moveset for Regirock in Pokémon Go

What are the best moves?

Legendary Pokémon are always a worthwhile addition for any trainer looking to craft an ideal team to battle others or participate in difficult raids. For those who manage to capture Regirock in Pokémon Go, you’ll have a solid defender who can take a lot of damage. But if you give them the best moveset, you can have a powerful Pokémon on your team.

Regirock is a Rock-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type moves, but it’s resistant to Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type attacks. It has a maximum CP of 3,122, an attack of 153, a defense of 256, and stamina of 162. Because of its monster defense, you can be sure it’ll outlast any Pokémon attempt to fight it that doesn’t have a super-effective move, making it a good choice for the Ultra and Master Leagues.

These are all of the moves Regirock can learn.

Fast moves

  • Lock On (Normal-type) – 1 damage and 5 energy (1 damage per turn)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting-type) – 9 damage and 2.3 energy (3 damage per turn)
  • Rock Throw (Rock-type) – 8 damage and 2.5 energy (4 damage per turn)

Charge moves

  • Focus Blast (Fighting-type) – 140 damage and 75 energy
  • Stone Edge (Rock-type) – 100 damage and 55 energy
  • Zap Cannon (Electric-type) – 150 damage and 80 energy

It isn’t easy to decide how you want to build Regirock. But you want to focus on firing out its charge moves, and unfortunately, because they require a lot of energy to use, your fast attack needs to bring up a lot. You need to grab lock on. It may not do too much damage, but the amount of energy Regirock can produce makes up for it.

Because Regirock’s charge attacks require so much energy, you have to go with those that don’t need too much. That leaves you with focus blast and stone edge, which are not the worst choices. Make sure to grab these two over zap cannon.

Overall, because of Regirock’s heavy defense, its lack of meaningful fast attack makes up for it. You do need to build your team around it, though. Make sure its fast attack is lock on, and the charge moves are focus blast and stone edge.