Can you catch a shiny Regirock in Pokémon Go? – June 1, 2021

Work together with other trainers.

Image via Niantic

Regirock is returning to Pokémon Go alongside its comrades to kick off the start of the Season of Discovery. From June 1 to the 17, you’ll be able to have a chance to capture this excellent Pokémon adding it to your collection and ensuring you have another powerful Rock-type in your roster. Regirock is an excellent choice, capable of having a heavy defense and holding down the fort as your final Pokémon in the Great or Ultra League. You can also power it up to use it in raids. For those wondering, you do have a chance to capture a shiny version during these events. When hunting for this Pokémon’s shiny version, make sure to try and aim for its best moveset because it is an extraordinarily good Pokémon for you to use, but you’ll have to beat it at five star raids to capture it.

Regirock does have a chance to be shiny during these five-star raids. Regice, Regirock, and Registeel have had their shiny versions released for quite some time, and because these Pokémon’s shiny versions have been available for so long, it would make sense for them all to have shiny versions.

Normally, if a Pokémon has its shiny version released in previous events, Niantic informs trainers if they cannot capture a shiny form. They’ve done so when Genesect returned to five-star raids in a special Burn Drive form. Niantic has not shared or given any details about retracting Regirock’s shiny version, and we can expect to see players adding new Regirocks to their collection. A handful of players will walk away from this event with one that has perfect IVs.

Once Regirock is retracted from raids, a new series of legendary Pokémon will be taking its place starting on June 17.