Best Organs To Farm In Palworld (Flame vs. Ice vs. Electric)

Palworld ties elemental magic to the organs inside of Pals, but getting them isn’t easy when the right species aren’t readily available.

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Crativity is key, as Palworld is a game all about base building. To do this, you’ll need more than just stone and wood. Getting some elemental help through the power of Pal is necessary for progressing in the game and building various facilities, buildings, and weapons.

Thankfully, Fire Organs and other elemental power pieces aren’t end-game material. They are available at the beginning of the game, just under Windswept Hills and adjacent areas. In this quick guide, we’ll tell you all the Organs you’ll need to gather up in Palworld and where you can easily find them.

Where To Farm Fire Organs in Palworld

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Fire Organs are one of the easiest organs in Palworld to farm reliably. This is because Foxparks makes its home under the Windswept Hills, as well as most of the area in the beginning island of the game. You’ll no doubt see them wandering around during the day along with Lamball, Chikipi, and Cattiva. More often and more notably, though, you’ll see them at night since they are living torches.

Every Fire-type Pal drops a Fire Organ in Palworld. However, Fire is the most volatile and Attack-focused type in Palworld, and it is also the most species-rare. You can find Foxparks on the first island you spawn on, while Rooby, the next Fire type you’ll likely run into, spawns just to the northeast of there on the scattered islands.

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Where To Farm Ice Organs in Palworld

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The only way to Ice Organs during the vast majority of your pre-level 30 experience is from Pengullet. This penguin can be found wandering in the Windswept Hills and adjacent areas.

Unfortunately, if you want more Ice Organs from Pals other than this happy little waddler, your options are few and far between. Icey pastures are to the far northeast and practically restricted from anyone below level 30 since roaming Pals are this level. If you’re brave enough to make the trek, you can find all kinds of Ice types here that drop Ice Organs like the Pengullets you started with.

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Where To Farm Electric Organs in Palworld

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Electric Organs are the rarest organs in Palworld, only dropping from Electric-type Pals. We call it rare, but that really only applies to the early game. The only Pal you can reliably obtain in the early game is Sparkit. Even on a good day, Sparkit are elusive little creatures and will run as soon as you see them. The best way to reliably catch one (or hunt it down for the organ) is by shooting one with a bow and arrow and hoping the Pal you send out is fast enough.

Another Pal you can reliably farm for Electric Organs in Palworld is the Jolthog. You can find these near the Desolate Church. This entire area with autumn/yellow foliage is a great place to look for the tiny Jolthog running around, which often can be found in groups of two or three. Hunting these prickly static balls of fun can be a little difficult since they are small and fast, but so are most Electric Pals.

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How To Farm Organs On Your Base (Without Killing Pals)

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If you intend to farm Organs without killing Pals, there is a mid to late-game way to feasibly do so. Pals like Flambelle have Partner Skills, such as Magma Tears, that have a chance to drop their elemental organs when they’re placed in a Ranch on the base. This applies to every element you can find in Palworld, so go hunting to find the elements you want via Ranch-based Partner Skills for a self-sustaining farming of Flame, Electric, and Ice organs.