Best Farming & Ranching Pals in Palworld (Planting, Watering & Harvesting)

Here are the best Pals for farming in Palworld. They’re so good you’ll turn this survival into a farming sim.

Farming Pals Palworld

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Farming is a huge aspect of Palworld. After all, if you run out of food, your Pals will go on a strike and refuse to run your perfectly automated base while you’re off on your adventures.

Pals are great workers. They’re so great, in fact, that Palworld has done away with a game’s stereotypical blacksmith, farming, and crafting jobs. Why would you walk all the way to a village to get ingots, craft equipment, and alchemy ingredients when your Pals can do all the work for you? Well, if I’m being completely honest, I wouldn’t have walked either; I’d just hop on my Nitewing and have him fly me to the village. Aren’t Pals just the best? All they ask in return for all their work is that you keep them well-fed, and that’s why hiring the best Pals for planting, watering, and gathering in Palworld is a must. Here’s a rundown of the best farming pals and where you can find them in the game.

How to Automate Farms in Palworld

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To automate the farming process in Palworld, get the best Pals suitable for planting, watering, and harvesting.

Job IconJob Early Game Pals for the Farming Job
Pals in charge of planting will place seeds in your plantations. This is the first step in the farming process. Early game Pals capable of planting seeds are Lifmunk and Tanzee.
Pals in charge of watering will make sure the planted seeds start growing. Early game Pals capable of watering are Fuack and Pengullet.
Pals in charge of gathering will harvest the grown veggies and fruits and transport them to either the Feeder or a nearby chest. Cattiva and Lifmunk are great early game gatherers in Palworld.

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Once you’ve got a Pal for the farming job, just interact with your Palbox and assign any or all of the above-mentioned best early-game Pals for farming in Palworld to your base. They’ll take care of the rest.

Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

If you need to get a Berry, Wheat, or Lettuce Plantation up and running, you should rely on any of the following best Pals to do the Planting job in Palworld and where you can find them in the game.

AppearanceNamePlanting LvlLocation Found
Caprity2Ice Wind Island Waypoint

No Man’s Trail Waypoint

Eastern Wild Island Waypoint

Desolate Church Waypoint

Small Cove Waypoint
Cinnamoth2Cinnamoth Forest Waypoint

Deep Sand Dunes Waypoint
Elizabee2Mount Flopie Summit Waypoint
Verdash2Island west of Forgotten Island Waypoint
Vaelet2Island east of Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef Waypoint (SE Corner of the Map)
Broncherry3All over the island in the centre of the map, especially northwest and southeast.
Lyleen4Island northeast of the Deep Sand Dunes. (NE Corner of the Map)

Best Pals for Watering in Palworld

Once planted, seeds need to be watered on your farm. Here are the best Pals that can take on the watering job like a champ in Palworld and where you can find them in the game.

AppearanceNameWatering LvlLocation Found
Surfent2Near the Gobfin’s Turf Waypoint

Near the Ravine’s Entrance Waypoint
Gobfin2Near the Gobfin’s Turf Waypoint
Relaxaurus2Near the Ascetic Falls Waypoint
Azurobe3Near the Bridge of the Twin Knights Waypoint

Island east of Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef (SE Corner of the Map)
Penking3Island east of Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef (SE Corner of the Map)
Jormuntide4South of Investigator’s Fork Waypoint

Best Pals for Gathering in Palworld

After plants have been watered, they need to be harvested and transported to the Feeder or a container. Here are the best Pals for gathering and harvesting in Palworld and where you can find them in the game.

AppearanceNameWatering LvlLocation Found
Galeclaw2Near the Deep Bamboo Thicket Waypoint

Near the Lake Center Waypoint
Robinquill2Near the Ancient Ritual Site Waypoint

Near the Mount Flopie Summit Waypoint
Petallia2Island east of Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef (SE Corner of the Map)
Elizabee2Near the Mount Flopie Summit Waypoint
Nitewing3All over the west border of the map
Verdash3Island west of Forgotten Island (NW corner of the Map)
Jetragon3Lava biome in the west corner of the map.

Best Pals for Ranching in Palworld

AppearanceNameRanching LvlWhat You Get
Vixy1Gold Coins
Pal Spheres
Sibelyx1High Quality Cloth