The 10 best Roblox arsenal skins

See what skins are our favorites in Roblox Arsenal.

Everyone loves skins; they’re what we use to express ourselves or draw attention to ourselves in any way we want. In Roblox, a game full of customization options and creativity, skins are just as big as any other game. Take Arsenal, for example, a first-person shooter that pits you against other players and has plenty of skins to choose from. You will want to choose the right one too, as it could be the last thing your enemies see after you take them out. Here are ten of our favorites Roblox Arsenal skins.

Bachelor Joe

Image via Fandom

Spread the love with this Bachelor Joe skin that carries a box of roses with you. But the eyes and the fedora are also just absurd enough to give us a good chuckle whenever we look at it.

Beckoned Pirate

Image via Fandom

Pirates are always cool, and something about a pirate running around with their dual-wielded pistols and guns is incredibly fun.


Image via Fandom

Beelzebub skin is making our list because it reminds us of the Devil from Tenacious D, which is always something we have to love. Plus, Satan is always something to fear.


Image via Fandom

We just like the look of Castlers skin and how chaotic it looks. When you look closely, it isn’t necessarily the most pleasing on the eyes, but we like that.


Image via Fandom

Who doesn’t want to be a cow, running around the battlefield with guns? That sentence alone should be enough to convince you to use this Cow skin.

Funky Monkey

Image via Fandom

Monkeys are one of the best animals, and you can’t prove us wrong. So it makes sense to use a skin that will make you into one. Look how cute and awesome it looks.

Ghost of Developing

Image via Fandom

We like the fun spookiness of this skin and how simple it is. It may not be very complex, but that gives it its charm, right?

Noodle Man

Image via Fandom

We like to relive our days of being a broke college student with one of our favorite meals. Plus, it looks ridiculous to be running around in this giant Noodles cup.

Snake Eater

Image via Fandom

We love repping Solid Snake in any game, and being able to bring the hero from Metal Gear Solid into Roblox is too good of an option to give up.


Image via Fandom

The name of this skin is Weenie, which makes it hilarious already. Then, you add onto it the weird, semi-creepy smile on its face.

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