Top 7 Best Splatoon Manga Characters

Learn more about some characters from the Splatoon manga series, including their main weapons and role in the story.

Image by Shogakukan

Splatoon is a colorful and lighthearted series meant for both children and adults. It’s no surprise that it has a manga. While the games are generally lighthearted, with a twinge of darkness for the world’s backstory, the manga somehow makes things even more comical. Taking things to a lighter level by focusing on a few teams as they rise among the ranks in Turf War and Ranked Battles, the manga explores many characters as they face off in groups to become the highest ranking.

There are plenty of original characters in the manga that don the role of main and supporting cast. Even though very few sharing characters from Splatoon 2 and 3 make a main appearance in the manga, there is some overlap. Marie and Callie appear as judges, being side and background characters for a few issues. The main characters are the members of Team Blue and those that go against them. Considering the best characters, we have five that you may enjoy should you choose to get into the manga yourself:

7. School Uniform

Image by Shogakukan

Also known as Blazer-chan in the Japanese version of the manga, School Uniform is a female inkling who wears (you guessed it) a school uniform at all times, even during battle. She is one of the more level-headed side characters who is a part of Team Yellow-Green, the antagonists of the series. Her main weapon is the .52 Gal Deco.

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6. Stealth Goggles

Image by Shogakukan

Stealth Goggles is a member of Team Yellow-Green who wears the Stealth Goggles, Camo Zip Hoodie, and Trail Boots. As a Jet Squelcher main, he plays as a backline for the enemy team. In terms of skill, he is one of the more solid members of Team Yellow-Green, relying on aim and distance more than reaction time.

5. Specs

Image by Shogakukan

Specs, or Glasses-kun in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters on Team Blue in the Splatoon manga. He’s Rank C+, making him mostly on par with the rest of his teammates. Wielding a Brush most of the time, he isn’t the best aim, but he is an asset. He’s a nerd at heart, being intelligent and picky at times. Specs tend to infodump and can quickly get irritated if no one listens to what he has to say.

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4. Rider

Image by Shogakukan

Rider is one of the most prominent antagonistic figures, especially at the beginning of the manga. He is an S+ Rank inling who wears Octoling Boots, contacts, and the Black Inky Rider from Splatoon 2. While his main is the Golden Dynamo Roller, he does use other weapons from time to time. He is essentially the antagonist against Goggles directly, often going against him outside of battle.

3. Bobble Hat

Image by Shogakukan

Perhaps the cutest Inkling in the series, Bobble Hat is an Inkling girl who wears her trademark bobble knit hat from Splatoon 2. She’s in Rank C, just like the rest of her team, and wears the Bobble Hat, Purple Sea Slugs, and Green Zip Hoodie. She’s a bucket main, usually preferring the Slosher. Smiley and a great motivator for the team; she is always there to listen to whatever Goggles and Specs have to say, often acting as a mediator in arguments.

2. Headphones

Image by Shogakukan

Headphones are as close to we get (besides Goggles) to a canon character appearing in the manga. She’s similar to the main Inkling Girl from Splatoon 1, wearing the same headphones as her. However, the similarities end there since she’s wearing the B-Ball Jersy and Red Work Boots instead of the clothes that Inkling Girl wears both in trailers and on her amiibo. Headphones is a long ranged backliner, often using only chargers, more especially the Squiffer.

1. Goggles

Image by Shogakukan

Goggles is arguably the main character of the Splatoon manga, taking center stage from the very beginning. He’s a rank C- male Inkling, making him the lowest ranking out of all of his team. he runs ta basic Tentatek Splattershot, as well as other shooter weapons. As a protagonist, he provides tons of comedy relief for the manga, acting silly, naive, and overall like a kid. He seems to have a strong bond with Bobble Hat, making them a silly pair indeed.