Tears of the Kingdom – All Abilities & How They Work

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom adds new abilities like Fuse, Recall, Rewind, Ultrahand, and many more.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Abilities Ultrahand

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In the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can now use new abilities while exploring Hyrule. The Fuse and Ultrahand abilities offer a wide range of creativity, from crafting bridges to creating flamethrower shields while the Recall and Ascend abilities offer manipulation over the environment like phasing through ceilings or sending large rocks back into the sky.

Each of these skills will be required to work through shrines, explore the changes landscapes of Hyrule, and face off against the many enemies lurking in each region. Additionally, players can truly write their own story as Link in Tears of the Kingdom, as the abilities offer creative freedom that wasn’t possible in the first game.

Below is everything players need to know about the new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom, and how to unlock them.

Every Ability in Tears of the Kingdom

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After much exploration, five abilities have been discovered in Tears of the kingdom. Below are all the details for Ascend, Fuse, Recall, Ultrahand, and Autobuild.

IconAbilityEffectsHow to Unlock
Tears of the Kingdom Ascend AbilityAscendAllows the player to transfer through solid metal and rock ceilings. Finish Gutanbac Shrine on the Great Sky Island
Tears of the Kingdom Fuse AbilityFuseOffers the ability to combine weapons and arrows with other objects or weapons for stronger combined effects.Finish In-isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island
Tears of the Kingdom Recall AbilityRecallManipulates time on specific objects, rewinding their motion back to a specific moment.Finish Nachoyah Shrine
on the Great Sky Island
Tears of the Kingdom Ultra Hand AbilityUltrahandOffers the ability to stick objects together, creating new structures or vehicles.Finish Shrine Ukouh Shrine on the Great Sky Island
Autobuild Ability Tears of the KingdomAutobuildAllows Link to memorize any Zonai Device creation and rebuild it as long as the needed resources are available.Activate the Great Abandoned Central Mine Forge Construct in the Depths and defeat Master Kohga

Thankfully, each of these abilities is given with a solid tutorial, ensuring players will be able to use them as soon as they leave the Great Sky Island tutorial. The only exception to this is Autobuild, which is obtained at a later point in the game. We quickly started using Fuse on all of our weapons and can’t say enough positive things about a Sword with a piece of Amber at the end of the blade. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and powerful in a fight.

These new abilities ensure players will have a fresh experience in Tears of the Kingdom, and have resulted in some of the most incredible player creations. For example, most players have learned how to build colossal bridges for every puzzle or torture Koroks, one managed to build a TIE Fighter, and another has created the ultimate APC for any terrain.

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