Tears of the Kingdom – When do Blood Moons Rise?

Blood Moons are one of the most dangerous times Link can be out in the sprawling lands of Hyrule, and should be avoided.


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Blood Moons are a returning mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom that made Link’s life quite painful at times in Breath of the Wild. A Blood Moon causes all the enemies that have been slain around Hyrule to return from the dead, repopulating the pockets of peace that might have been established. This guide explains when Blood Moons rise, so players can work around them and stay safe.

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How Often do Blood Moons Rise in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Blood Moons rise every 7 in-game days in Tears of the Kingdom. This is roughly once every 3 real-time hours because of the way time passes in the game. Any time Link spends resting or time the game is paused doesn’t count toward this timer. It’s just in-game time that passes while Link is actively engaging with the world of Hyrule.

Players can tell when it’s a Blood Moon in TotK because the sky will turn red, the music will change and become more sinister, and red particles will start to float around the world. When this happens, players might feel overwhelmed because of the enemies that suddenly appear in specific areas. However, they won’t be stronger than they normally are, the Blood Moon made us think they were the first time, but it’s not the case.

What do Blood Moons do in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Blood Moons respawn enemies around Hyrule. This means every enemy, no matter how weak or strong, that Link has killed over the past 7 in-game days will respawn in Hyrule where he first encountered it.

Secondly, all weapon drops and ore around Hyrule will respawn. This means that any caves filled with ore will be repopulated, and all weapons that have been found in certain areas, such as settlements, can be claimed again. Players can use this to gather powerful base weapons again, ready to fuse with items like Flux Construct Cores.

Finally, when Link cooks during a Blood Moon the food will receive a few additional or improved status effects. This includes a boost to any effect levels, additional heart recovery for recipes, or effect duration extensions. The effect applied to Link’s cooking is random, but cooking during a Blood Moon is a pretty safe way to see it through because of the long-term benefits of meals.

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