Best Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6

Use the best Monkey Knowledge to fight better.

Bloons TD 6 Best Monkey Knowledge

Image via Ninja Kiwi

Bloons TD 6 is one of the most popular tower defense games released in 2018 by Ninja Kiwi. To win, players have to stop the Bloons from reaching the exit by creating a defense mechanism using Monkeys in the path. The performance of these monkeys can be improved by unlocking various Monkey Knowledge using the cash earned by popping Bloons or Knowledge Points. Players don’t want to spend their hard-earned cash randomly, so we have listed below the best Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6.

Bloons TD 6 features six different Monkey Knowledge trees, including Primary, Military, Magic, Support, Heroes, and Powers Knowledge.

Best Primary Knowledge

Best Primary Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • Fraggy Frags – Frag bombs get two extra frags
  • More Splatty Glue – Glue Splatter can affect up to eight Bloons per shot
  • Budget Clusters – Bomb Shooter’s Cluster Bombs cost reduced by 100
  • Extra Bounce – Increase Bommerang Ricochet to bounce up to 80 times
  • So… Cold… – Ice Monkey’s Permafrost upgrade slows by 60%
  • Master Double Cross – Allows you to have two Crossbow Masters
  • Cheaper Solution – Bloon Liquefier cost reduced by 100
  • Long Turbo – Boomerang Turbo Charge ability lasts 15 seconds
  • Bonus Monkey! – Start each game with one free Dart Monkey!
  • More Cash – Increase starting cash by 200

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Best Military Knowledge

Best Military Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • Elite Military Training – All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000xp and earn xp in-game 5% faster permanently
  • Faster Takedowns – MOAB Takedown Ability has 5 seconds faster cooldown
  • Cheaper Maiming – Main MOAB cost reduced by 1000
  • Quad Burst – Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3
  • Trade Agreements – Merchantman generates +$20 per round
  • Charged Chinooks – Chinook Activated Abilities give 25% move lives and cash
  • Budget Battery – Artillery Battery cost reduced by 600
  • Master Defender – Elite Defender has no cooldown
  • Door Gunner – Special Poperations Heli allows tier 4 and below Monkey Towers to attack Bloons while in transit
  • Big Bloon Sabotage – All MOAB-Class Bloons spawn in a partially damaged state

Best Magic Knowledge

Best Magic Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • Cheaper Doubles – Ninja Double Shot cost reduced by 100
  • Hot Magic – All Magic type towers can pop Frozen Bloons
  • Mo’Monkey Money – Earn 10% extra Monkey Money from game wins on any difficulty
  • Warm OAK – Heart of Oak cost reduced by 100
  • Cold Front – Ball Lightning hits have a chance to freeze Bloons after doing damage
  • Acid Stability – Alchemists’ acid pools last 5 seconds longer
  • Deadly Tranquility – Bloonjitsu and Grandmaster Ninja get an extra shuriken per throw
  • Vine Rupture – Grants Spirit of the Forest Druid a new ability to burst all track vines, doing big damage to all non-lead Bloons. New vines will regrow after each Rupture
  • Tiny Tornados – Druid tornadoes spawn 3 smaller tornadoes when they expire
  • Mana Shield – Creates a special shield that absorbs up to 25 lives for free. Recharges slowly each round if no Bloons leak

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Best Support Knowledge

Best Support Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • More Valuable Bananas – Valuable Bananas upgrade increases by 30%
  • First Last Line of Defense – The purchase price of the first Spike Factory for each game is $150 less
  • Bigger Banks – Monkey Banks can hold 2500 extra money
  • Farm Subsidy – First Banana Farm each game costs 100 less
  • Backroom Deals – IMF Loan is increased to $12000 and repay rate is 40%
  • Thicker Foams – Cleansing Foam can hit 3 more Bloons before expiring
  • To Arms! – Call to Arms duration increased by 3 seconds
  • Healthy Bananas – Marketplaces now produce 1 life per round, and Central Markets produce 3
  • Big Traps – Bloon Trap can hold 30 more RBE
  • Hi-value Mines – Spiked Mines cost reduced by 1500

Best Heroes Knowledge

Best Heroes Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • More ‘Splody – Heroes’ explosives get +2 piece per shot
  • Ability Discipline – Hero level 10 Ability cooldowns reduced by 10%
  • Scholarships – Hero training costs reduced by 10%
  • Self Taught Heroes – Heroes earn XP 10% faster
  • Ability Mastery – At level 20, Heroes’ level 3 Ability cooldown reduced by 30%
  • Hero Favors – Heroes’ base cost reduced by 10%
  • Empowered Heroes – Heroes start each game at level 3
  • Big Bloon Blueprints – Heroes do +1 extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons with their base attack
  • Monkeys Together Strong – Heroes receive 5% more experience per Hero placed
  • Weak Point – All Heroes deal +1 damage to Ceramic and Fortified Bloons

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Best Powers Knowledge

Best Powers Monkey Knowledge in Bloons TD 6
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • Bigger Camo Trap – Camo Trap lasts for 600 Bloons
  • Just One More – Road Spike piles have 21 spikes in them
  • Cheaper Lakes – Portable Lake costs 40 Monkey Money
  • Budget Pontoons – Pontoon costs 40 Monkey Money
  • Supersize Glue Trap – Glue Trap can show MOAB-Class Bloons, though the bigger the Bloon, the more glue is used up
  • Ambush Tech – Techbot gains a targeting option to trigger only when Bloons enter a specific track area
  • Pre-game Prep – Start each game with a pile of permanent Road Spikes at the end of the track
  • Fit Farmers – Monkey Farmers have a larger radius
  • Budget Cash Drops – Cash Drops cost 20 Monkey Money less
  • Grand Prix Spree – Monkey Money cost to enter Races is reduced by 10%