How to get the Mint Mallet in Grounded

It’s stunningly good.

A great tool to utilize in Grounded is the Mint Mallet. It’s a great item with excellent stunning capabilities. If you stun an insect in Grounded, they remain idle for a few seconds, which is great if you can do it to some of the larger foes you have to fight, such as the wolf spider or the stinkbug. To acquire this tool, you need a particular resource to unlock it.

How to research the Mint Mallet

The only way to research a Mint Mallet is to analyze mint chunks. You receive these from the large Icecaps Mint Container to the north of the mysterious device. To open the container, hit the front of it a few times with any available tool. After that, chip away and acquire a mint chunk, you need a level 2 hammer, an Insect Hammer, which you can make with several specific parts from bombardiers and stinkbugs. The level 2 hammer should be able to hack away at the large objects, granting you access to the minty fresh chunks.

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Crafting the Mint Mallet

You need three resources to create the mallet:

To start working on the mallet, you need to already have a mint chunk in your camp, so you should be good to go there. You can find the flower petals all over, such as the base of the oak tree, in the rose bushes, or across the pond from the oak tree where there are not too many insects to bother you. The final ingredient, spider silk, can be a little complicated, but it’s not tremendously so. You mostly need to venture close to where spiders frequent and find any of their available webs. Hit it a few times without getting caught in it yourself, and leave with your prized silk. Alternatively, you can kill the spiders to obtain it, but the fight could prove far more troublesome than its worth.

Once you have all of your ingredients, take it back with you to your camp to craft your prized mallet. The mint mallet will prove extraordinarily useful, taking on any of the more powerful foes you encounter, so feel free to give it a few swings. It’s a fantastic stun weapon, and something to always have at the ready.