Where to find spider silk in Grounded

Spider-man probably would have just given you some of his.

Spiders are among the worst threats you find in Grounded. They are aggressive, territorial, and downright scary for a good reason. Developer Obsidian Entertainment was kind enough to include an Arachnophobia mode in the accessibility options for those who did not want to see these giant spiders coming out to attack them, especially at night. These do have a particularly useful resource that you can make use of called spider silk.

You don’t have to directly attack the spiders to obtain silk, though eliminating them from the location doesn’t hurt. If you want to fight a spider, an excellent way to do that is to use a ranged weapon, the Sprig Bow, and arrows to hit them from a distance. The closer they are to you, the more dangerous they are. A spider is exceptionally powerful, and can typically take you out in a handful of hits. You may have to pepper them with arrows, run away, and try again to take them out. However, if you only need to silk, you can find the small deposits of the resource around where you can find spiders. The webbing on the plants, roots, and other vegetation is a clear sign you are drawing closer to them.

When you approach the spider webs, make sure it says “spider web” when you hover over it. It’s a clear indication that you can start bashing it with your pebblet ax to begin harvesting the spider silk. If you draw too close, you can potentially find yourself caught in it, so keep a distance away if you have to run away after chopping it down. After you have everything you need, return to your camp to analyze the web to learn how to create a dew collector and a basketball hoop to play with your friends. It’s an excellent resource to have, especially for those consistently searching for water.