The 12 best WW2 games on PC (2022)

WWII is one of the most enduring settings in modern gaming.

Battlefield V WW2 games

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World War II shaped the modern world. Nearly 100 years later, the big one remains on the minds of millions around the globe. It affected the lives of millions worldwide, and its effects are still felt today. The events and personalities of that conflict have also been one of the most consistent sources of inspiration for game developers, creating games spanning everything from simulations and card games to first-person shooters. Here are the best World War II games available for PC.

Battlefield V

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While the latest entry into DICE’s Battlefield franchise has polarized some players, it is hard to deny how much Battlefield V has going on for itself. Aside from the attention to historical detail, which marks every aspect of the game, Battlefield V is just packed with content and things to do. With vehicle combat, fortification sieges and objective play, and authentic and out-of-the-box weapons and equipment, the game has a lot to sink your teeth into.

Call of Duty: World at War 

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Set in World War II, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into a gripping and raw combat experience across Europe and the Pacific. Players fight alongside allied soldiers against enemies in some of the war’s most famous battles. With a deep and engaging single-player mode, intense multiplayer action, and expanded co-op gameplay, Call of Duty: World at War is a must-play classic in the Call of Duty franchise. Players can also choose from an array of weapons and customize their playing experience with unique upgradable perks.

The game also features improved graphics and audio, enhanced enemy AI, and destructible environments. Call of Duty: World at War is an iconic and action-packed war game that continues to thrill players nearly a decade after its release. With its gripping storyline, intense combat, and engaging gameplay, it is no wonder why the game has gained such a strong following.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

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Company of Heroes 2 has come a long way. When the game first launched in 2013, players struggled with Relic’s take on balancing the game’s new approach to multiplayer. But Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault, the game’s standalone single-player campaign focusing on the American Armed Forces, ended up becoming one of the best World War II games in PC gaming’s history.

Ardennes Assault combines Company of Heroes’ classic objective-based multiplayer battles with an enormous tactical campaign centering around The Battle of the Bulge. Players must carefully move their armies around the larger region, choosing when and where to deploy against the German Wehrmacht. Every fight counts in this game, and only players that stay one step ahead of their enemy’s positioning on a grand scale can win the war.


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Enlisted brings the fierce fighting of World War II to life in a massive, multiplayer environment. Players are put into squads and must work together to complete objectives like capturing control points or taking down enemy forces. The game is set in various iconic WWII locations and offers fast-paced action focused on team-based tactics and communication.

In addition to classic infantry combat, Enlisted also offers vehicles like tanks, planes, and ships to provide additional tactical options. Players can customize their characters’ weapons and equipment to suit their playstyles.

Enlisted is a deep, engaging game that brings the intensity of World War II battles to life. It provides an immersive experience with intense squad-based action, and its various tactical options make it an excellent choice for hardcore or casual gamers.

Hearts of Iron IV

Image via Paradox Interactive

The Hearts of Iron franchise is known for its unrivaled complexity and historical detail, and the latest installment is the pinnacle of those qualities. Hearts of Iron IV allows players to navigate WW2 conflicts from the perspective of their chosen nation, controlling everything from economy and diplomacy to large-scale military engagements.

Hearts of Iron IV is regularly updated with new content, and has a large and active community. Game modes offer both competitive and co-op gameplay, including cross-platform support.


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Kards is a competitive free-to-play collectible card game designed by some of the creators of EVE Online. Using beautiful artwork and refined CCG mechanics, Kards lets players take control of military powers in WW2 and engage each other through a variety of battlefields.

While its gameplay is more abstract than games like Battlefield, Kards shines through the authenticity of its art and the strategic depths it offers to competitive players.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is set during World War II, where the player takes on the role of an American soldier, Lt. Mike Powell, and fights against Nazi Germany in a series of European missions.

The game features a single-player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode. The game also features several different types of weapons and vehicles, allowing for an immersive and realistic experience. With its compelling storyline and intense action, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is one of the best World War II-based games ever released.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault success led to several sequels, such as Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault and Medal of Honor: Airborne. The franchise has also made its way to consoles with the release of Medal of Honor: Heroes in 2006. Today, the game remains a favorite among fans of first-person shooters and continues to be enjoyed by gamers worldwide.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein follows the story of protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier sent on a mission to investigate mysterious research activities in a secret Nazi facility. Players must battle through hordes of Nazi soldiers, supernatural creatures, and lethal traps to defeat the Nazis and uncover their sinister plans.

The game features intense, action-packed combat, detailed environments, and a gripping storyline. It also features multiplayer modes that allow players to join forces with up to 32 other players for intense online battles. Return to Castle Wolfenstein has become a classic, beloved by millions of gamers worldwide, and is still available to play on modern platforms.

It offers an exciting and thrilling experience that will test your skills as a gamer. Whether taking on single-player missions or battling onl

Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm

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Before Tripwire Interactive made a name for itself through Killing Floor, the independent development studio was creating its realistic Eastern Front World War II shooter, Red Orchestra. To this day, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad and its Pacific Front counterpart, Rising Storm, remain some of the best online multiplayer World War II games around.

Each game throws players into realistic first-person combat across sprawling maps, recreating historic battles from both fronts of the war. Serving as either the Soviets or Germans in Red Orchestra 2 and the U.S. or Japan in Rising Storm, players fight against for objectives with era-specific weapons that aim, shoot, and sound accurate to their counterparts. With realism comes brutality, as it can only take a few shots to drop dead on the battlefield.

Neither game is as realistic as Bohemia Interactive’s Arma, but Tripwire provides an immersive and intense multiplayer experience for World War II buffs.

War Thunder

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World War II-themed flight simulators have come and gone. From Combat Flight Simulator 2 to 1C:Maddox Games’ Pacific Fighters. But online multiplayer combined forces simulator War Thunder remains one of the best contemporary flight sims for one simple reason: versatility.

Released in part as a spiritual successor to IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, War Thunder lets players team up and fight against each other across various game modes, from Arcade Battles to highly realistic Simulator Battles. While the game touts tank battles and naval warfare, War Thunder is easily best known for its flight combat, where players can choose from various famous Allied and Axis fighters and bombers. Hundreds of options are here from the Spanish Civil War to the Korean War.

World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is an online game that allows players to participate in intense tank battles. Players choose from various tanks and battle them in multiple missions and game modes. The game features realistic tank controls, physics, and strategic combat, making it a challenging yet enjoyable experience for players of all levels.

With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including iconic tanks from different eras, players can customize their experience with the various modules and upgrades available. Players can team up with friends to engage in cooperative and competitive gameplay or join a clan to form powerful strategic alliances.

With its detailed graphics and exciting gameplay, World of Tanks is thrilling and provides endless hours of entertainment. So, if you’re looking for an engaging and captivating tank battle game, World of Tanks is a perfect choice. Get ready to join the action and participate in the most intense tank battles!

World Of Warships

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World Of Warships is a free-to-play naval action MMO game developed by Wargaming. The game allows players to command a massive naval fleet to battle against enemies in epic team-based battles. With its realistic and detailed graphics, World Of Warships provides an immersive experience. Players can customize their ships with different kinds of weapons and upgrades, as well as choose from a variety of unique game modes.

Whether it’s a solo or co-op battle, World Of Warships offers exciting and intense gameplay for all types of gamers. With its massive online community, World Of Warships will have something for everyone. Get ready to dive into the deep and command your naval fleet!

ine with friends, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is an action-packed classic that captures your imagination.