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Best Xenomorph Builds in Dead by Daylight

Prowl as one of the deadliest monsters in sci-fi history.

Survivors have plenty to fear with a new type of monster on the prowl in Dead by Daylight. Those on the hunt have plenty of perks, abilities, builds, and strategies to consider. During the Public Test Build of the monster, players have been test playing the killer and its design. While the design for the Xenomorph is terrifying in its own right, does the representation stand up to its movie counterpart?

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Playing as the Xenomorph means having a loadout that makes the gameplay, at the very least, equivalent to how the Xenomorph would act. It’s not very well off in way of strategy, but it does have the senses and instinct of a perfected killing machine. The loadout you get to work with comes with all kinds of ways to benefit from the Xenomorph’s killer instincts. In this article, we’ll show you what you have with the Xenomorph and what you can do to make it just as intimidating as the first time you saw it.

How To Best Use The Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight

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When considering the Xenomorph’s unique abilities, the first one to come to mind that can help make gameplay easier is Runner Mode. This mode allows the Xenomorph to start running on four legs, making you faster and reducing your Terror Radius significantly. While in Runner Mode, the Xenomorph can use a Tail Attack to flick a deadly tail at (and hopefully, drag) Survivors when they are within range.

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Using the tunnel system, the Xenomorph can travel across the map to find Survivors quicker. During entering and exiting these control stations, players as the Xenomorph can view a submap. This gives the player plenty of mobility as a killer, having the equipment and conveniences required to hunt down other players.

Best Builds for Playing as the Xenomorph

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As you learn how to best navigate and play as a Xenomorph, there are some builds that you can work on to find your groove. Getting the hang of playing as a Xenomorph can be tricky with all the differences it has from the standard feel of the game. Some of the following builds may help you rumble more effectively on the corners of your players’ vision:

Hex: No One Escapes Death

The perk ‘Hex: No One Escapes Death’ ensures that once exit gates are powered, the Dull Totem on the map is lit. During this perk, movement speed is increased, and every Survivor on the map has a permanent Exposed status effect. For the end game, this perk is pretty devastating. It works well with the Xenomorph’s natural build, lending itself to the quick speed and grappling attacks it already has in its arsenal.

Sloppy Butcher

The Sloppy Butcher causes Hemorrhage status ailments and Mangled status ailments to anyone struck by them. This is great for a Xenomorph, at least the way the current Xenomorph is now. With quick attacks and even faster movement speed, having Sloppy Butcher on puts pressure on the Survivors to not get caught. Healing takes way more time in the aftermath of a build like this, which means you’ll have more time to handle more than a few Survivors at once.

Make Your Choice

As a creature with plenty of hook attacks, Make Your Choice is a deadly addition to the Xenomorph. It gives anyone who rescues another Survivor from a hook an Exposed status for one minute. With this on your Xenomorph, Survivors may be a little less inclined to be so generous with their helping hands.

BBQ & Chilli

The BBQ & Chilli perk allows a player to read all of the Survivor’s auras if they are farther than 40 meters from the Hook. This may only last for four seconds, but that critical amount of time can help turn the tables in favor of the pursuer. Every time the Xenomorph hooks a survivor from that point on for the first time, it gains a 25% bonus to all Bloodpoint games.

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