Big Pete’s Got Big Problems gig – should you let Pete leave town? – Cyberpunk 2077

Let em leave?

Cyberpunk 2077

One of the gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 is Big Pete’s Got Big Problems. You will need to track down a fixer called Pete and take him out. He is living in a base out in the desert, with plenty of goons, so you will need to get to his place first.

You can find him out in the desert, near the substation that you assault with Panam in her side missions. The exact location of this gig is shown on the map below.

When you arrive you will find two enemies shooting a car outside. This won’t give you any kind of cover or distraction if you shoot them, so just go the other way, jump onto a cargo frame and then climb up onto a low roof. There will be a door into the building on your right. Go through it, then go left along a gangway and into a security room. Take out the guard silently and then interact with the console. Use it to deactivate the security system and then head back out on the gantry.

You can go the whole way to the far end and jump down, and there will be a doorway behind you that leads to a flight of stairs to a basement. Head down here to find Big Pete.

When you arrive at the bottom of the stairs, Big Pete will start talking to you. You can allow him to leave town if you wish, but there isn’t really anything in it for you. Killing him, stealing all his stuff, and then killing the rest of his men and stealing their stuff is the better option, financially.

After that, all you need to do is leave the area to wrap up the