Bitlife: How To Become A Beekeeper

The honey dreams.

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BitLife is a text-based life simulation game where you can make various choices to shape the life of a virtual character. The choices you make will completely dictate the outcome of your life, including your profession. While there are numerous jobs of all kinds to take, which can make you rich and powerful, some might want to take a more homely approach and become somewhat more grounded, such as a beekeeper. This guide will explain how to take on beekeeping and become a beekeeper in Bitlife.

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Bitlife Beekeeper Guide

In order to become a beekeeper in Bitlife, you need to be 18 at minimum. This means before you can take on the job, you need to complete high school. This is different from professions such as actor or magician, which you can start early.

Regardless, after turning 18, head to the Occupation tab and look for the job labeled “Apprentice Beekeeper.” If you see the posting for the aforementioned job, apply for a position and then clear the interview to get the job. Once you get the job, start working diligently and fulfill your tasks. Eventually, you’ll be promoted to the beekeeper position.

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It’s important to have zero criminal record, or else you’ll immediately get denied for the Apprentice Beekeeper position. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you’ll get the job even if you have a clean record. However, you can always raise your Smart stat, which will increase your chances of landing the job.

If you don’t see the Apprentice Beekeeper job posting in the Occupation tab, close the game and reopen it again. You can also raise your age by one year, which will refresh the Occupation tab. Lastly, since the job isn’t highly sought, make sure you scroll till the end to see the posting. A bee symbol will denote the posting, and the pay will be mentioned as well.