Blox Fruits Dough King Boss raid guide – how to summon, defeat, and rewards

Bake your way to victory and earn sweet rewards!

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Blox Fruits have many bosses, and defeating them earns you all kinds of rewards. One such boss is the Dough King. Defeating him guarantees you fragments and the red key for awakening the Daugh Fruit, making this boss a must-defeat for many. This Blox Fruits guide will tell you how to start the Dough King Boss raid, tips to defeat him, and the rewards you will get.

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How to start the Dough King Boss raid

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You can start the Dough King Boss raid at Sea of the Treat in the third sea. However, before that, you need to get Cake Chalice from Sweet Crafter, who is on Chocolate Island. To get it, you must get God’s Chalice and 10 Conjured Coca and exchange them for the Cake Chalice. After that, you need to kill 500 NPCs on Drip Mama’s Island.

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Once you are done, talk to Drip Mama; he will open the portal for you. He can also inform you about how many more enemies you must kill before he can open the portal. Once the portal opens, head behind the house where Drip Mama is standing, and you will find Dough King Boss.

How to defeat the Dough King Boss raid

The Dough King Boss is level 2,300 and uses the awakened version of the Dough Fruit, making him a formidable opponent. To have a chance of defeating him, you must never spawn him without any allies since defeating him with others is much easier. Furthermore, if any one of you is alive, others can return to the battle after dying. Other than that, you must try to avoid his attacks and only go on the offensive when there is an opening. Note, that you’ll need to be ready for a long fight due to his large health pool.

Dough King Boss raid reward drops

Defeating the Dough King Boss will reward you with many goodies. You get the Red Key, Mirror Fractal, Pale Scarf, Dough King title, 2,000 Fragments, six levels, 57,500 bounty, and 50,000 Beli. You also have a 15% chance of getting the Spikey Trident.