Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ – How to Complete Laswell’s Letter

Laswell’s Letter will take on you several missions in Call of Duty’s DMZ map, and this guide shows you how to complete this faction mission.

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The missions in DMZ for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 focus on lining up a series of tasks for you to complete. Many of the tasks are types of busy work, and some are more interesting than that where they dive into the critical pieces of a DMZ map, showing you where you to go next. Laswell’s Letter is a bit more complicated but has some well-deserved openness.

The Laswell’s Letter mission for the Black Mous faction in DMZ requires you to read the letter in the Notes section, and then finish the task associated with it. The required task is to complete an upload mission somewhere on the DMZ maps. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Laswell’s Letter in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

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Where to Read Laswell’s Letter in DMZ

Screenshot by Gamepur

This mission is only available after unlocking enough reputation by completing the required amount of missions from the DMZ menu in Warzone 2.0. Some of the easier missions I picked out were Hostiles Located, Exfiltration, Information Seeker, Convenience, and Committed Shopper.

After unlocking enough reputation, I added the Laswell’s Letter mission to my selected missions, and I now had access to the letter in the Notes Menu. This section is available under the Mission Objectives menu, underneath the Notes, Collection tab.

In Laswell’s Letter, it requests for me to go to the top of an upload tower of a radio tower and resume the upload. Based on this limited information, I’m under the impression the requirement is to find an Upload Intel mission objective, complete it, and then this should finish the mission. However, the letter strictly details to find a specific radio tower. After I completed a random Upload Intel mission, I can confirm there is a specific one that needs to be found and completed to progress this quest.

Laswell’s Letter is underneath the Al Mazrah map category, thus, I knew I had to be on the Al Mazrah map to find it.

Where to Find Laswell’s Letter Radio Tower in DMZ

Screenshot by Gamepur

I was able to load it into the Al Mazrah map and confirm that the mission was available here. Unfortunately, none of the radio towers scattered around the map are displayed, which means tracking them down is the only way to do that. These towers are red and white, with distinct radar dishes on them to make them stand out.

Climb to the top of any radio tower in Al Mazrah, regardless if you have an Upload Intel mission or not, and reach the top. There was a radio I could interact with, completing the mission. This can be done at any of the Al Mazrah radio towers on the DMZ map.