Call of Duty: Warzone best tips and tricks – How to survive solo

Without a team to back you up, you’ll need to be a one-man army.

Match your loadout with solo play

The dynamic of weapon loadouts change drastically from team to solo play. With teammates, having a larger magazine is advantageous since everyone is usually firing on the same target. When you’re alone, switching over to a weapon that deals more damage per round becomes the meta, which the majority includes medium- to long-range weaponry. Weapons like the M4A1, Oden, HDR, and AX-50 have risen to the top. But if you’re confident in your skill in handling recoil, you’ll find the Kar98K, FAL, or the MK2 to be even better options.

UAV Inbound

It’s hard giving up something like Precision Airstrike for a UAV killstreak, but knowing where your enemy is and going to be is information too good to pass up. There are two methods to using it: wait for the final moments of the match, or use it early. Using it early does provide an advantage, but it’s a big risk. If you come across a Buy Station, and have the money to spend, you can use the UAV then and replenish it immediately.

Become one with your surroundings

Without your buddies to watch your six, your ability to see around corners is effectively nixed. You won’t get as much feedback on the surrounding area, nor is zipping around the map the best idea. All the more reason to grow eyes in the back of your head.

Getting from point A to point B is more dangerous than ever as a solo player. Choosing to romp in a wide open area is asking for someone to plug a round in your head, and in solo play, assume everyone is a sniper. You don’t have teammates to revive you, which would normally reduce the effectiveness of snipers.

To combat this unfortunate side effect of solo play, not only should you be more aware of your surroundings, but understanding the map is crucial. You don’t have to necessarily be an expert on the entirety of the map, but at the very least you should know your planned path like the back of your hand.

Use anti-vehicle weapons

In solo player, getting sent back to the main menu because some jerk ran you over is pretty common. Bullets do very little to vehicles, not to mention the lack of teammates available to back you up. Diversifying your kit with anti-vehicle weapons and equipment — RPG-7, Thermite Grenades, JOKR — is an absolute must in solo play. If someone isn’t running you over (dude, that’s rude), then someone’s hovering over the field in a helicopter. Show them why you get the last laugh.

Don’t snub Recon Contracts

Just because you aren’t in a team, doesn’t mean contracts lose their value—Recon Contracts being the most valuable of all. The task is simple: take over a location. In doing so, you get to see the ring’s next location.

As a solo player, having that kind of information is akin to knowing where buried treasure is. Knowing where the circle will land next gives you the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting players passing through.

Ghost is invaluable

Remember: UAVs are absolutely necessary for solo play. Rather than using Overkill or High-Alert, the better option is arguably Ghost. Being immune to Radar Drone, UAVs, and Heartbeat Sensors, is simply amazing in solo play—especially during the last few moments of a match.

You’re the Tortoise, not the Hare

The feeling of wanting to rack up dozens of kills is totally understandable, but as a solo player, efficiency is far more rewarding. If you attempt to make every single kill a flashy MLG moment, well, you’ll learn real quick it’s a surefire path to the Gulag and eventually death.

The Tortoise won the race by being steady, and you’ll need to treat each kill in the same manner. If you get the drop on someone, firing off a round before they’re in your sights completely ruins the element of surprise—especially if they’re within reach of cover and quickly get away. Now it’s a firefight that’ll draw too much attention.

Use a Heartbeat Sensor

Using Ghost isn’t for everyone, even less so if you aren’t confident in your abilities. More often than not, someone will use Overkill in their kit instead of Ghost. That means they’re susceptible to heartbeat sensors. Having one on you is akin to having someone on your team, albeit one that can only see 50 meters in front of their face. Knowing an opponent’s location gives you the opportunity to sneak up on them.

Learn to Slide Cancel

Having the ability to tactically sprint virtually forever is a trick you should be learning. Ever notice your favorite streamers hopping up and down? They’re slide canceling. Sprinting forever is nice and all, but the biggest advantage is how it breaks the sliding animation, preventing you from being locked in the action. Additionally, slide canceling makes aiming down the sights after a slide snappier.

Practice makes perfect

Chances are when you start up Warzone, you immediately jump into a match. You just want to play, right? Even if you consider yourself a pro player, there’s no reason you shouldn’t practice before you hop into multiplayer. It’s an opportunity to dust the cobwebs from your mind and warm up your reflexes. It doesn’t hurt to try out new weapons and equipment at the same time without the threat of the Gulag in the back of your mind.