Call of Duty: Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune event guide – challenges, rewards, and dates

The Mercenaries have arrived to the Warzone.

Image via Activision

Rebirth island has seen a makeover for Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s not called Fortunes Keep. Here, you’ll have the chance to complete various unique challenges by yourself or with allies as you attempt to survive on this map. For a limited time, there is an event called Mercenaries of Fortune celebrating the arrival of Fortunes Keep, giving you the chance to earn multiple rewards during the first two weeks. In this guide, we will cover all of the challenges and rewards you can earn by participating in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Mercenaries of Fortune event.

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Call of Duty: Mercenaries of Fortune event guide

Mercenaries of Fortune dates

The Mercenaries of Fortune event will not be around for long. The event begins on June 22, but it lasts for two weeks. You will be unable to complete any challenges or earn the limited-time rewards on July 6. Most of the challenges will have you on Fortunes Keep island, but some will have you dip into the other Call of Duty: Warzone map, including Golden Plunder.

All Mercenaries of Fortune challenges

These challenges will be available for all Call of Duty: Warzone players during the Mercenaries of Fortune event. You can choose to complete these by yourself or with a full squad. These are the challenges you can receive.

  • Get 50 Player Kills on Fortunes Keep
    • Rewards: False Prospector camo
  • Open a Mercenary Vault
    • Rewards: Fanged Assault emblem
  • Get 25 kills or assists while in a vehicle
    • Rewards: Nugget charm
  • Win one Game of Golden Plunder
    • Rewards: Venomous Wealth calling card
  • Get 100 kills while in Storage Town on Caldera Island
    • Rewards: Death Prospector camo
  • Collect 100,000 cash on Fortunes Keep
    • Rewards: Venomous Approval sticker
  • Dig up three buried treasure piles while on Fortunes Keep
    • Rewards: Nefarious Deeds charm
  • Purchase five items from the Black Market
    • Rewards: Scaled Snipe reticle

All Mercenaries of Fortune rewards

Completing each of the previously mentioned challenges unlocks a reward associated with it. When you complete all eight challenges, you receive The Vault vehicle skin you can use while playing any Call of Duty: Warzone match, so long as you have access to the Armored SUV.

These are all the rewards for completing the Mercenaries of Fortune challenges before the event ends on July 6.

Death Prospector

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False Prospector

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Fanged Assault

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Nefarious Deeds

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Scaled Snipe

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The Vault

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Venomous Approval

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Venomous Wealth

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