Can you catch a shiny shadow Registeel in Pokémon Go?

How good are your chances?

Image via Niantic

Shadow Registeel is making its first appearance in Pokémon Go. Similar to the other legendary shadow Pokémon that have appeared in the game, the only way to acquire it is to track down Giovanni, defeat him in battle, and catch it at the end of the encounter. You only have one opportunity to add to your collection. Can you catch a shiny shadow Registeel in Pokémon Go?

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Does shadow Registeel have a shiny form in Pokémon Go?

Like the other legendary shadow Pokémon that Giovanni has captured throughout the other Team Rocket Takeover events, shadow Registeel will not have a shiny form for players to catch. Unlike encountering Registeel in five-star raids, you only have one opportunity to fight against Giovanni while he has Registeel in his party. However, some players might have at least two chances, based on if they already have Super Rocket Radar in their inventory and acquire the latest Special Research for Giovanni, Shadowy Skirmishes.

Regardless, shadow Registeel should not have a shiny version. If you’re looking to try and track down a shiny Registeel, there will be standard Registeel five-star raids. There’s a good chance a shiny Registeel can appear at the end of this battle, but you won’t know until you beat it. You’ll need a small team of friends to take it down and a curated team to beat it because of Registeel’s limited weaknesses.

Although shadow Registeel might not be as good as the standard version of this legendary Pokémon, we highly recommend not purifying it. Shadow versions of legendary Pokémon are incredibly rare, far more than the standard versions that regularly rotate out of five-star raids and events. If you catch shadow Registeel, even if you don’t use it, keep it as a shadow Pokémon because it might receive an update that could shake up the meta behind it.