Can you get multiple Elden Ring endings in one playthrough? Answered

That depends on your definition of “one playthrough.”

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Elden Ring changes up the soulslike formula so much that there’s more than enough of the game to last you years in a single playthrough. However, the added bonus of multiple endings makes it all the more enticing to finish one session and jump right back in for another. Not everyone has time for that, though. That’s why we’ve put together this guide explaining if you can get multiple endings in Elden Ring in a single playthrough.

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How to get multiple Elden Ring endings in one playthrough

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Spoiler warning for the game’s endings ahead. We will be discussing endgame content and the endings you can get in Elden Ring. If you don’t want those to be spoiled, please don’t read any further.

Technically yes, you can see multiple endings in a single playthrough of Elden Ring. To do this, you’ll need first to complete all the requirements needed to see all six of the game’s endings. You can do all of this before you reach the final bosses before any endings play out Radagon and the Elden Beast. We recommend making a save file just before each of these bosses and storing it on an external hard drive. This way, your progress won’t be overwritten.

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Then, when you’ve defeated these bosses, you need to make a choice as to which ending you’re going to follow. You can interact with the stature near the Site of Grace in the Elden Beast boss arena to get the Age of Fracture ending. Alternatively, you could summon Renna and get the Age of Stars ending. Finally, you can also return to the Frenzied Flame Proscription door without any armor, and you’ll get the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending. After making your choice, you can reload your stowed save file and choose a new ending without needing to repeat the entire playthrough.

For the Age of Duskborn ending, the Age of the Fell Curse ending, and the Age of Order ending, there are other requirements that must be met. The same principle of making a save file right before you commit to these endings stands, though. Put that save file on an external drive so you can get the ending, then restart from that save point to pursue another ending.

Do this six times, and you’ll see every ending in a single playthrough. This will probably take you as long as it would to beat the game at least three times, but this way, you can do it with a consistent build and appreciate the game’s lore all at once.

How to store your save file on an external drive in Elden Ring

There are many ways you can make a copy of your save file in Elden Ring and move it to an external drive. On PC, this is as easy as going into your Steam files and copying your save file onto an external hard drive. On Xbox and PlayStation, you could also use an external hard drive, but PlayStation users have the advantage of the PlayStation Cloud Save feature.