Can you heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Help a brother in need.

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The only companion from the old world on the horrible island of Sons of the Forest that you can get is Kelvin. He will be there with you from the start if you help him get up and give him his little sticky note commands. However, the inhabitants of the island are very aggressive and they don’t like outsiders. They will attack you very often and they will hurt Kelvin as well. So, how can you heal Kevlin in Sons of the Forest and keep him safe from death? Is it even possible?

Is there a way to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

No, you cannot heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing — you cannot heal Kelvin because he cannot die. No matter how many times the cannibal mutants attack him, worst-case scenario, he will fall and sit there for a while. He will then get up and start doing his thing again. Since Kelvin is relatively useless in combat, the developers have decided to make him immortal as well.

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Kelvin is also blessed in many ways when it comes to survival on this hostile island. You don’t have to feed Kelvin since he will find food for himself. If you don’t give him commands all of the time, he will just tend to his needs in his free time. In battle, the best he can do is distract the enemies that attack him, instead of letting them kill you. And, since he is immortal, he is a really good distraction.

However, you need to be careful since Kelvin can get upset if he is being treated unfairly by the player. If he gets commands all the time and is being used as a punching bag for the cannibals, his productivity will also fall, making him even more useless.