Can you level up your character in Far Cry 6?

Getting stronger.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Far Cry 6 introduces plenty of changes for players to wrap their heads around. Some of these are minor changes, while others are major ones. One of the bigger ones is that the game contains no skill trees or abilities in the series’ traditional fashion.

You won’t be earning skill points and assigning them to any particular traits either. This might seems a little strange, and players may be wondering if they can actually level up their character. The answer is yes, you can. As you finish missions and complete quests you will earn experience that will rank you up.

As you rank up, you will have an easier time in the game’s more difficult areas, effectively doing more damage to enemies and taking less damage from incoming fire. When it comes to your skills and attributes, what matters is what you are wearing. In your Arsenal, you can equip all manner of different gear and items that you find throughout the game.

They will give you different traits, such as taking less damage while in poison gas or being able to swim faster or deeper before needing to take a breath. By finding and collecting different items of gear, you will be able to properly equip yourself for different threats.

As such, yes, you can level up your character, but the game does not contain the traditional RPG-style system of skills and abilities that some players may be used to.