Can you resurrect your teammates in Crucible?

Allies are crucial in every match.

Image via Amazon Games

It would be best if you worked with your teammates in Crucible to take down the enemy team who are after the same objective. The more you and your teammates coordinate and stick alongside one another, the higher likelihood of surviving the game to achieve victory. When a teammate goes down, is there anything you can do?

Unfortunately, if a teammate falls in combat with an enemy predator or another player, you won’t be able to revive them or bring them back into the game. The downed player has to choose a new respawn point somewhere on the map, similar to when they first used the drop pod into the game.

The game features not only enemy players attempting to take you down, but hostile wildlife will be after you too. If your teammates are not careful about watching their backs, they may find themselves coordinated by an angry beast or a patient enemy attacks after they endured too much damage. It’s better to try and stick close to your teammates during the early stages of the game to earn a few levels while also attempting to control the objective. After you gain a few levels, you can risk venturing off by yourself to farm NPCs or to cut off enemies. Doing this during the early game is a bit of risk because you won’t be a high level, and enemies can quickly isolate you.

Reviving downed allies doesn’t appear to be a mechanic. When they go down, you need to wait for them to return through the drop pod. They won’t lose any experience points for dying, but it takes them out of the game for a bit, and they need to regroup.