How to play Bugg in Crucible

Bugg is an optimistic little murder machine.

Bugg is one of the 10 playable characters in Crucible. He is from a line of robots that were created to be optimistic and help build things. However, he was updated to be able to handle the harsh environment of Crucible. Here is how to play the happy go lucky robot in-game.

How to play Bugg in Crucible



Bugg’s weapon fires out arcing projectiles. It has 15 shots before needing reload. While the weapon can be used for damage, it works in tandem with his right click, which will lay a plant in the ground. Use the main fire to grow the plant quickly and it will electrocute any nearby enemies. You can have multiple plants up at a time.

Bugg’s passive allows them to travel in every direction at the same speed, no matter where they are facing. That is to say, he can move backward as quick as he can forward.

His shift is Thrusters, which allow him to fly forward and vertically for a short period of time. A meter displays how far you can travel, and you decide when to stop by letting go of shift.

His Q ability is Shield Burst. This will give temporary shields to himself, allies, and any friendly plants in the immediate area.

His E ability is Crop Dust which will leave a purple smoke behind him that slows and damages enemies.

Essence upgrades

Bugg’s essence upgrades focus on improving his mobility and plant’s quality of life.

  • At level one, you can make your medkit to recharge every 30 seconds and heal allies and plants around you, set seed pods to not need watered to be activated, or increase your spray damage by 25%.
  • At level two, his normal movement increases to five and a half meters a second.
  • At level three, Shield Burst can increase by 50%, seed pods can spawn with overshields, or you can overcharge plants and stun enemies with them.
  • At level four, Crop Dust will apply vulnerability to enemies.
  • At level five, Thrusters gets an burst of speed when first used or plants can chain their attacks to an extra target.


  • With Bugg’s weapon having arcing fire, be sure to aim a little higher than you normally would when firing at an enemy.
  • Use Thrusters to reach higher areas faster than other characters.
  • Set your plants close together to make sure you are getting the most damage out of them as possible.