How to play Earl in Crucible

Earl is the lovable redneck of the battlefield.

Earl is one of the 10 playable characters in Crucible. He is essentially an intergalactic truck driver who was stranded in Crucible when his ship was destroyed. Now he is trying to gather enough essence to rebuild his ship and go home to his family. Here is how to play him in-game.

How to play Earl in Crucible


Earl carries around an LMG-like weapon that increases fire rate as you shoot it by way of his passive called Turbofire. Its ammo is indicated by three different meters that can be reloaded separately.


His shift activates Afterburner which launches him forward quickly. It has a longer activation than most other movement abilities and will take you far.

His Q ability is called Tanking Up and immediately heals him for a little over 200 health per use.

His E ability is Blowback Vents and aims his weapon in the air and activates a wind shield around you that will deflect projectiles and knock enemies back.

His right click, Upshift, will fire a burst of explosive rounds that will also help increase your fire rate.

Essence upgrades

Earl’s essence upgrades mostly focus on tank style of gameplay and improving it.

  • At level one, you can increase Big Earl’s overall by 300, make it so your fire rate buff does not fall below 25%, or increase each section of your gun with 10 ammo each.
  • At level two, medkits will heal you for an additional 50% health.
  • At level three, Blowback Vents’ movement speed can double and be given a half second longer activation time, Upshift can get a 50% increase to area of effect and damage over time, or using Tanking Up can maximize your fire rate buff.
  • At level five, Tanking Up can heal half of your health, or Turbofire will get a 25% rate of fire buff and 33% projectile speed buff when at full. Enemies will not block your line of fire when at full Turbofire as well.


  • Earl’s weapon is no good with a low rate of fire. Build him up to buff Turbofire as much as possible. Also, do not be afraid to hold off on reloading your weapon, it holds a lot of ammo. Finish the fight before reloading.
  • Afterburner can be difficult to control in tight corners and you cannot cancel it until its time is up. Be sure to only use it when you need to cover a large area of ground in a short time.