Care Package changes in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Peacekeeper here.

Care Package in the Arena

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy is brings major changes to the Care Package after is going untouched for a little while. This season brings a very interesting rotation to the care package weapons, unlike any rotation that has been done before. Here is everything you need to know about the Care Packages weapon change for Season 9: Legacy.

Peacekeeper returns to Ground Loot

The most vicious shotgun in the game is back in the major rotation, baby. While it will receive the usual nerf from its heirloom state, it’s still one of the highest damage weapons in the game. It will be the first time the Peacekeeper has been ground loot with the choke function built into it, as last time it was a on the ground, the Choke was still a Hop-Up. It should be interesting to see how the this affects gameplay.

Triple Take enters the Care Package

It’s been steady for awhile that if a shotgun comes out of the Care Package, a shotgun goes in. Season 9 is subverting that pattern entirely and taking out the Triple Take. While on the surface, it may seem to be an odd choice, but if we look into the change closer, it makes perfect sense. The Triple Take is the only other weapon with a built-in choke, and this rotation will prevent both choke toggle weapons from being Ground Loot at the same time.

It also should be noted that we do not have two snipers in the Care Package due to this change, and instead, the Triple Take is now a part of the new Marksman category.